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I did it! I broke down Garbage Day to its bare essentials!

Hi there! Next week, Garbage Day is going on a little vacation. I’ll be back the week of September 20th! When I get back, the plan is to start talking to folks about commissioning some guest posts and I’m planning on doing more video stuff! Both of which I’ve very excited about!

Also, let me just say, the fact that I’m even able to go on vacation is such a testament to how amazing the last year has been for Garbage Day. Without you, my readers and subscribers, this wouldn’t even be possible. Also, if that last sentence has suddenly inspired you to subscribe lol, think about it! It’s $5 a month or $45 year and you’ll get lots of fun stuff, like bonus issues, live event discounts, and Discord access.

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Right, ok, so here’s the deal.

I have a big Google Doc that I collect links with. Every time I see something interesting in my travels around the web, I put it in there. And then when it comes time to write the newsletter, I clear out the most recent links and put my little email together. But there’s always too much stuff to cover. Substack has a size limit and if you go over it, your email clips. And links really add up! Which means I’ve ended up with pages of links going all the way back to March.

So, today, to make sure you all have enough content to tide you over until I get back from vacation, I decided I’d just cut to the chase and give you every single still-active (and relevant) link I had in my Google Doc. Hopefully, this will be enough content for you animals.

Here Are 75 Good Links

  1. A really good Grand Theft Auto mod

  2. Here’s some HD spinning food GIFs

  3. A video about a brand new subscription service

  4. “A Man Of Many Minds”

  5. A round up of very good Letterboxd reviews of the new Cinderella movie

  6. A really good video of turtles

  7. Someone built a Pokémon Fire Red emulator inside of Discord

  8. A little whoopsie from the XVIII Airborne Corps’s Twitter account

  9. An interesting Web3 thing

  10. A good tweet about Ant-Man that was sent to me by Todd

  11. 4chan users discuss American Psycho

  12. A tweet about the Taliban and Instagram crystals that was dropped into the Garbage Day Discord by hypirlink

  13. A good Tumblr post about Ivermectin

  14. “Puppy sleeping. 1955, Japan”

  15. How to build a Sega MegaDrive synthesizer

  16. More on the “no bedframe” discourse

  17. A good Twitter account sent to me by Erika

  18. The Hoff Twins

  19. “They Seemed Like Democratic Activists. They Were Secretly Conservative Spies.”

  20. A wholesome YouTube comment

  21. “An Australian court ruling makes publishers legally responsible for every idiot Facebook user who leaves a comment”

  22. An incredible Instagram page for a ghost kitchen

  23. The international emergency alert TikTok

  24. “When an Anime Character doesn’t Explain their Abilities”

  25. A meditation on Sonic the Hedgehog and Overwatch

  26. Which sucks more? Disco or the fact the invasion of Iraq was predicated on the lie of the existence of weapons of mass destruction?

  27. In case you missed it, there was a gross toothpaste trend on TikTok in July

  28. “Startups & the funding (news) question”

  29. A Tumblr discussion about image retouching and body dysmorphia

  30. Low poly depression

  31. This Scottish dub of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was dropped into the Garbage Day Discord by Lakshata

  32. Dorka, the retired bomb-sniffing dog

  33. Recreating the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene

  34. Who should be doing the labor of cleaning up online communities?

  35. The full “are u ok son” comic

  36. The national anthem, which was sent to me by Garbage Day reader Nick

  37. “Do App Store Rules Matter?”

  38. He-flavored soup

  39. A Yelp review from a man who wasn’t allowed into a Paris nightclub

  40. “Trump Insiders Are Quietly Paying Teen Memers For Posts”

  41. A wedding photo that has haunted me for weeks (scroll through the whole thread for more cursed content)

  42. A good meme about superhero movies

  43. Another good meme about superhero movies

  44. The inevitable collision of an anime gacha game and NFTs

  45. The wereralph Tumblr post (NSFWish)

  46. A nice tweet about Halloween

  47. Suspiciously vocal anti-vax protesters with IMDB profiles, a thread

  48. A good Reddit post about showerheads

  49. His weight is 1g

  50. A good tweet about The Matrix

  51. A YouTube investigation into Lily’s Garden which was sent to me by ppyajunebug

  52. “Twitch Sues Users Over Alleged ‘Hate Raids’ Against Streamers”

  53. A good TikTok comment about socialism

  54. The gourd world

  55. A wildly upsetting video about Ivermectin that was dropped into the Garbage Day Discord by grant

  56. A song that is not a metaphor

  57. Promoted Twitter content that just so happens to support the Chinese government, a thread

  58. A Tumblr post about Garfield

  59. Should It Be Prohibited?

  60. A good Tumblr discussion about stomp clap hey music

  61. 100 Gecs is chilly willy bones music

  62. A good tweet about society

  63. “How A Gamestonk YouTuber Is Shaking Up The California Recall”

  64. A really TikTok song

  65. Gaze upon her decadence

  66. A good Tumblr post about monetization that was sent to me by Gwen

  67. A really good reply to a Grimes tweet

  68. The stinky girls apartment tweet

  69. Devon Sawa’s chicken arms

  70. How to make a homemade version of Pokémon Legends: Arceus

  71. A collection of works by digital artist Paul Wiley

  72. “At The Turtle Club In The Shadow Of 9/11”

  73. A good TikTok about fashion

  74. A tweet about philosophy and fan fiction

  75. The troubling implications of the Harkness rule of monster fucking and Scooby Doo

OK, I’m going offline now. Goodbye!

There’s no P.S. this week. Didn’t you get enough content up there??? OK, fine, here’s one more good piece of content for you.

***Any typos in this email are on purpose actually***

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