Civil servant uniforms are the new fashion trend in China: https://radii.co/article/civil-servant-uniforms

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I like the "allegra's corner" header, but it would be nice if it was bigger and more noticable. I think the buying of wattpad by someone was inevitable, but like with many mega firms trying to leverage fandom for money it doesn't seem like anyone's been able to figure out that equation. (Or should I say ANTI-life Equation! DC reference!)

I'm glad you're covering furries (ytuber Jenny Nicholson claimed they made up at least 1/3 of the internet in her Ready Player One review) and the fact that they are anti-nft is just another reason to realize that they are more enlightened than us normies. If the future is just a battle between fandoms we would be in a pretty good spot if the furries won.

Grateful that youtube algo is sending you creative ai tool vids. I think one thing that is going to be cool is that more "low budget" film making is going to get a massive upgrade. If you've ever seen the world of fan made batman movies they're really close to making stuff that can at least hang with cw production value, but the backgrounds often give them away.

I didn't know about the world of paywalled marvel leak blogs. I guess that's the next for gig for the Top G Andrew Tate!

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