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Your bit about NFTs and blockchain helped me get one small step closer to understanding WTF the whole thing is about. I’m still not there yet - but I’m trying!

And that TikTok with the dude quitting his job? He didn’t even have a good elevator pitch - and it didn’t even seem like he had thought about it. I could totally see doing everything he did and then going to an influencer and having a very specific pitch. But to do all that and not even have a clue what to ask for or how to sell himself? Something seems fishy there. Especially if he’s 22 and already has $100,000 a year job? Excuse me, HAD. I think it’s a stunt. I don’t even think the Pauls are involved (other than making a joke out of it). I think this dude found a way to go viral and get people to talk about him, which worked incredibly well, and he’s going to capitalize on it in some way. In the meantime, I’m really curious to learn if he really had a $100K job and if he really did quit. Or if this whole thing wasn’t just “acting”.

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