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Another interesting dimension in the Lil Nas X story: Andrew Thomas Huang, a great director who's done music videos for Bjork and others, revealed recently that Lil Nas X's team approached him to work on a music video for Nas last year before pivoting away. And we're coming now to find that part of the "Montero" video bears a striking resemblance to Huang's FKA Twigs "Cellophane" video released in 2019 (https://www.tiktok.com/@andrew.thomas.huang/video/6944123332228861190), and on top of that Nas's team had apparently even hired the same choreographer.

While I'm fully on board with Lil Nas X on a vibes level, and think what he's doing now with the video and his image/identity are funny and interesting, I gotta figure out how to navigate both my respect for his dunks and my frustration with the plagiarism.

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