so...were eminem and snoop even present or was it just a 3d video playing for the entire "performance"? because if it was the latter i would be pissed too, even if it were cool.

also, yeah, the "war rooms" are funny when you actually stop and think about it - who cares about fighting mis/disinformation the week or two before if you don't do it on that level year round? by that point anyone swayed by bullshit is staying swayed. i would be surprised if there are more than a negligible number of people changing their mind based on misinformation the week of, but i'm open to being surprised.

also also...can anyone explain the "great reddit post" at the end? i don't get it. maybe i'm supposed to know who the picture is of? i feel left out.

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Good piece on the war rooms, a lot of that stuff makes sense once you think about it but i doubt many do, which is why its good you laid it all out there. The NFT hack thing was super interesting mostly from the standpoint that I'm sure this guy is probably doing what others in the industry are (considering the frequency of hacks) he just got caught. This is the first I've heard of Beeple, someone who obviously lacks the mainstream appeal of Doodles. Glad I missed the vma thing.

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