Can he wriggle out of this jam?

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Welcome to Garbage Weekend. It’s the internet garbage you know and love, but in a format that’s easier to read while you recover from a two week super flu. It’s me, I’m you.

This week, while many of you were likely yelling “Go Alvin Bragg and the rule of law!”, we were actually yelling “Go Bluesky”, which saw a huge increase in activity, or “Go Trump’s personal meme stock”, which stayed relatively even. In other Florida resort news, the “fully conscious” Four Seasons Orlando Baby got her wish. She’s not the first to use TikTok to get what she wants, as the songwriters of Moana 2 can attest. So maybe we all should invest in “memetech”, which seems to mean “betting on groupchats like they’re horses.” Let’s ask a new AI-powered CEO about it! The old quote that “a computer must never make a management decision” must be out of date, just like the famous “I’d like to see Trump wriggle out of this jam!” tweet.

Ah well, nevertheless, here’s some fun stuff…

Garbage Day’s first-ever West Coast event is finally happening! It’s at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco on July 12th. The show will also feature some very exciting guests, including visual artist Danielle Baskin, Platformer's Casey Newton, V-Tuber Shindigs, and The Onion's Stan Kelly.

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