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Everyone has a newsletter now just like everyone has a podcast now. Which makes sense, both of those things are fun to do and can sometimes make a bit of money. I feel like most of them are about how everything is awful. Which is also fair, everything is awful. The modern world is a nightmare from which we cannot wake. KFC’s new Mother’s Day campaign is about how much the Colonel wants to fuck our moms.

But also there’s lots of good stuff, particularly on the internet. Obviously, there’s lots of bad stuff on the internet too, but memes are actually really good now.

I’m a really big fan of what if we kissed memes right now.

That last one is my favorite.

Ultimately, I think this newsletter will be a little selfish. I’m getting older and it’s harder for my almost-30-year-old brain to retain its meme elasticity. Generation Z is confusing and frightening. So once a week, I plan (hope) to sit down and just dump a few things here with some links to where I found them and maybe context.

For instance, here’s a panel from a comic I really like by an artist named Gina Wynbrandt. You should go follow her Instagram.

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