Elon doesn't want you to see his likes

Read to the end for a good post about The Joker

Welcome to Garbage Weekend. It’s the internet garbage you know and love, but in a format that’s easier to read while you process the Tavi Gevinson essay.

(A former president talking to a future president lol.)

This week, a new insane personal essay dropped. Here’s our favorite take on it. The essay was at least slightly more coherent than Donald Trump’s weird rant about sharks, which doesn’t sound any better in a British accent. In other future-of-our-democracy-related news, Stanford’s Internet Observatory is shutting down. And speaking of not being able to observe the internet properly anyome, so long public likes on X! At least now Elon Musk can peacefully like anime thirst posts away from prying eyes, as he enjoys his newly-reinstated $55 billion Tesla benefits package.

Oh well, here’s some fun stuff…

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