Eric Trump Discovers Anime

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First, Let’s Talk About The Trump Son Discovering Mob Psycho 100

Here’s how I imagine this went down. Eric Trump went to Google and typed in the word “mob,” hoping he’d either find photos of the civil unrest in Portland or find pictures of a Trump rally or something.

Conservatives are obsessed with this game. Google a random thing. If it’s what you want it to be, it’s proof that antifa is dangerous. If it’s not what you’re looking for, it’s irrefutable proof of left-wing bias happening on online platforms. Not only is it all extremely bad faith and tedious, it also usually blows up in their face because no one in the Trump Cinematic Universe seems to know how to use a computer. I assume once Eric Trump discovered Google’s search results for “mob” were full of anime, he was, at first, extremely confused, and then, really excited that he had discovered a huge bombshell. According to the screenshots he would later proudly tweet out, he went over to Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo and searched “mob” there, as well.

“Ah ha,” Trump thought, I assume. “Only Google has all the Japanese cartoons. Must be a liberal conspiracy.” And then, thankfully for all of us, he decided to share his discovery with the world.

I can confirm that, yes, Google’s search results for “mob” mostly bring up content related to the anime Mob Psycho 100. If you search the word “mob” in an incognito instance of Google, most of the results are the anime’s main character, Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo. It’s not a conspiracy, 80% of the internet is anime. It has a pretty big impact on how various algorithms work.

The reaction to Trump’s tweet was intense. The replies are full of Mob Psycho 100 fans begging him to watch the show. People also sent Trump other very suspicious Google search results.

That bottom one is from an anime/light novel series called Fate Grand Order and she’s supposed to be the fifth emperor of Rome. Do not, obviously, search “Nero Claudius rule 34” unless you want to see a bunch of porn.

The mostly Japanese-language Twitter account for Mob Psycho 100 noticed that the show was one of the biggest trending topics in the world and tried to get in on the action…

…Although, with a caveat.

Now, I have no idea why a member of the Trump family would be casually searching things related to Nazi Germany. But let’s hope Eric Trump doesn’t google “Axis Powers Germany” and discover the anime Hetalia.

Sexy Waluigis Are Taking Over TikTok

For the last few weeks, more and more Waluigis have appeared on TikTok. My friend Bijan has sent me a bunch. The #Waluigi tag is an absolute mess right now. The best I can tell is it’s based off the viral success of @uniastronaut’s Waluigi “WAP” video from last month.

Waluigi becoming an internet sex symbol is a bit of a complicated story. The character was hated by Mario fans for a long time, but different online communities over the years have embraced him. Which makes sense, he’s a gangly weirdo that everyone kind of hates — just like your typical internet user! There’s a DeviantArt community for Waluigi and a bunch of Tumblr blogs that roleplay as him.

As for how he became sexy, adult Nintendo fans tend to be unbelievably horny for some reason. I don’t really have much more context for you than that. See the infamous Luigi bulge post.

What’s interesting about Sexy Waluigi becoming a TikTok meme is that TikTok isn’t like other platforms. The app’s For Your Page is an insanely aggressive AI that is solely focused on turning any engagement spikes from random users into trending content that can be disseminated across the whole platform. So on TikTok, @uniastronaut’s Waluigi “WAP” isn’t just a one-off weird thing, like it was on Twitter. It has inspired POV videos, dance videos, fashion videos, and whatever this Evanescence video is.

Anyways, excited to see the Waluigi Cult buy a mansion in LA and turn it into the Wah House.

Hozier Vs. The Irish Department Of Justice

If you aren’t aware, the Irish singer Hozier really likes memes. It’s a bit of a punchline with his fans. His music may sound like it’s made by some kind of ethereal demigod, untethered by the mortal constraints of time, living out in a forest somewhere, but the dude is a millennial who freaking loves shitposting. There are multiple pages that track his Twitter likes. They’re a goldmine of great tweets.

Because of Hozier’s love of memes, it wasn’t a huge surprise last month when he posted a video to Instagram using a filter that made him look like handsome Squidward.

Apparently, he didn’t mean to actually make the video public and actually apologized for posting it. He seemed very embarrassed about the whole thing.

Hozier’s social media isn’t only being monitored by his fans, however. It’s also being monitored by the Irish Department of Justice. Ireland’s Independent newspaper released a report last month revealing government officials are actively keeping tabs on the country’s celebrities who speak out against a program called Direct Provision. It’s the painful and convoluted system Ireland uses for housing asylum seekers. After being received, people are sent to different random ad hoc housing centers, placed with other asylum seekers, and then they’re just forced to wait, sometimes for years, for their case to be processed. Direct Provision has been in place since 1999, but it’s come under new scrutiny since the COVID-19 outbreak as different housing centers have become huge coronavirus hotspots.

Per the Independent report on the government surveillance, Hozier is one of the Irish celebrities being monitored by the Department of Justice. He’s extremely vocal about social justice in general and has been a fairly vocal critic of Direct Provision.

All of this led to one of the most outrageous Instagram posts I’ve ever seen:

And yes, Hozier’s likes are also full of stuff about it, as well.

Flat Earthers Discuss Meteors

I saw this post come up on Reddit the other day and I actually was curious. What do Flat Earthers think meteors are? I found the original thread and I’ve collected some of my favorite answers. I will say, though, it looks like since this post made it to the front page of Reddit, the group has become completely inundated with trolls and it is almost impossible to differentiate a troll from a genuine Flat Earther. Without further ado:

  • “Fallen angel? Not falling rocks. I love how people try to use craters as a proof of meteors yet all these craters are empty. Lol.”

  • “Give me a photo of a so called meteorite????”

  • “They're props sent by whoever controls this crap, to keep us believing XD”

  • “Parts of the earth that wad fired in to the atmosphere when the fountains of the deep burst open”

And lastly, here’s a really good Flat Earther meme I found:


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