I really do not get the whole leaker ecosystem for major motion pictures. So what if Margo Robbie is moving to Marvel? So what if the Rock forced DC to do reshoots for his self insert movie? So what if blorbo fights glup shitto in the next Justice League movie, based on the "crisis of infinite jests" arc from the comics?

I try my hardest to not join the "comic movie bad" crowd but it seems like as we continue to live in this peak superhero, post-Endgame world the superhero fans only have minor squabbles and details to pour over, none of which have any bearing on if the films, as pieces of media, are actually any good.

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I recently watched an interview with Elon Musk, who said that he did not want to restrict freedom of speech in any way. Isn't all this a lie?!

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I really don't want to generalize a group of people, but web3 people really are the worst.

You effectively have a group of people with unlimited time and money, who have found that they have access to nearly everything in life. Send so many of them have never faced any true hardships in life. The only thing they can think of to use all this well done is to create new thrones to sit upon that are built on top of other thrones they've bought.

If that itself wasn't bad enough, the entire culture is effectively made of men who are doomer and incel-pilled to the point where they look down on "the poors" and wonder why no one wants to join their Kool kids club. It is almost as if they would rather pay 42 billion dollars to think they have all the friends in the world while being openly hostile to 99% of the population.

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re: Elon Musk explaining his choices about Turkish twitter


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