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Here’s What Mark Cuban’s New Audio App Is Pitching To Creators

Read to the end for a mildly NSFW tweet about King Kong

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Here’s What Mark Cuban’s New Audio App Is Pitching To Creators

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This week, an online creator sent me a document that the new Clubhouse-competitor, Fireside, was sending out to early users being brought on for the app’s launch. The document is an interesting look at how Fireside plans to take on the already very crowded “social audio” space.

According to the launch creator document, Fireside is offering several “benefits” to its founding users, including: search engine-optimized public profiles for creators, a tipping system, subscription options, sponsorship opportunities for “high reach creators,” and live and asynchronous content.

The document also outlines what is expected for the launch creators that join Fireside early, including: live broadcasts once a week, “cross-pollinating” with other launch creators, and referring new creators to the platform.

The use of the term “cross-pollenate” appears several times in the document, which seems to suggest that creators will be expected to collaborate and “actively promote” other creators’ work on the app.

Earlier this month, The Verge published screenshots of what the app might look like. One feature, shown in the The Verge’s article, that is referenced in the pitch document to launch creators is the ability for audience members to participant in broadcasts. According the pitch document, using this feature is also an “expectation” for founding creators.

The independent writer who was approached by Fireside about their program told me they ultimately turned the offer down. They said that representatives from Fireside were promoting “a verification program on steroids” and said they plan to give verified users background checks. The independent writer said it was unclear in the presentation if this just meant that Fireside would be thoroughly vetting users or literally giving users background checks.

A representative from Fireside clarified to me on Friday that the “background check” language in the presentation to perspective launch creators was not a formal background check. Perspective users fill out an application and it’s cross-referenced with public information to make sure a creator is who they say they are .

A Very Good Disney World Video

This was dropped into the Garbage Day Discord by hypirlink. I typically don’t like to share husband and wife content, Disney world content, or husband and wife at Disney world content, but I think this rises above the rest.

Some Absolutely Cursed Disney World Content

Look, I have never been to Disney World. Once, as a kid, I had the choice of going to Universal Studios or Disney World and I chose Universal because at the time they had the Superhero island and the Hulk rollercoaster, which literally shoots you out of a cannon. So I do not have the Disney World Adult brain sickness. That being said, no matter how much of Disney super fan you, what this dude has been doing at Disney World is completely unacceptable!!

This was sent to me by a reader named Caroline. According to TikTok user @showmelovejete’s recent “why I just got fired from Disney” video, the company fired him because of two specific videos. This video doing a tour of Disney’s Fairytale Wedding building. And this deeply upsetting video where he goes around drinking water out of various Disney World water fountains! What is this??

I have never wanted anything to be fake on the internet more than this. His most recent post is a very grim video where, at first, he claims he got a video announcing that he was banned by Disney from entering the parks, then he claims he was offered a social media job by Disney, then he claims he turned down the job from Disney, and then explains that they never emailed at all and the whole thing was an April Fools’ joke. Anyways, I hope getting fired and possibly getting dysentery was worth making a dope TikTok with Rusted Root audio.

Bhad Bhabie Turns 18 And Breaks OnlyFans Record

Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, better known as Bhad Bhabie, or the “cash me outside” girl turned 18 this week, and then, according to a statement she shared on Instagram, made over $1 million on OnlyFans in under 12 hours. Page Six is claiming she’s on her way to over $5 million just today.

I don’t have a big takeaway here. That’s a lot of money! But OnlyFans is a really interesting platform. It’s creating millionaires, but also now getting more and more unwanted attention from lawmakers. It and its users are also trying to navigate the extremely complex world of what is and is not permitted on pornography platforms. But it’s hard not to look at the amount of money Bhad Bhabie just made and not feel like we’ve reached a real genie-out-of-the-bottle moment with these kinds of sites.

Bad New Subreddit To Watch

I saw this get flagged up on the anti-Parler subreddit, r/ParlerWatch. As you can see in the screenshot, the community describes itself as a place for “discussion about skepticism regarding the ‘new normal’ that stems from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.”

It claims it’s bipartisan and inclusive. Their main goal is to return “to what existed before the world revolved around a virus.” But it seems like the whole thing is just an entry point for hardcore antivax misinformation. The subreddit is still small — under 100,000 members — but it’s easy to see how this kind of rhetoric could spread easily. Dreaming up some kind of magical before the coronavirus time, where people didn’t need vaccines or a social safety net. The subreddit is also a huge fan of Zuby, a rapper from the UK who is known for being anti-trans and spreading coronavirus conspiracy theories.

The whole subreddit has a real “The Avengers shouldn’t have reversed the Snap” energy.

This Could Be Real If We Want It To Be

Who Won April Fools?

As you all know, the current capitalistic structure of the internet means it functions as a never-ending arena where humans and brands compete to convert attention into money. Every single news cycle is just another chance for one of our posts to be noticed by “the person that looks at Twitter” working for a talk show, cable news channel, or digital media outlet. If they pick you, you get to become the main character of the internet for the day, which might either make you rich or cause people to threaten to murder you (often both).

So this begs the question: Who won April Fools?! I was going to say that the Teletubbies won for their TubbyCoin cryptocurrency, which, they claim was created with the power of HugTech. Though, as this particularly joyless Snopes article explains, no, it’s not a real cryptocurrency, it was all to raise money for charity.

But I think Metal Archives has them beat. lusername in the Garbage Day Discord dropped this in there yesterday and I think it’s great. The site, which functions as an online encyclopedia for metal bands and sub-genres decided to replace all the photos on their site with cats.

The Mishapocalypse Returns To Tumblr

Tumblr, the company, had an official April Fools’ Day prank yesterday. They released Non-Fungible Tumblcryptids, which were, like TubbyCoin, a fake crypto thing. It was cute. You clicked on a button and it used your blog’s metadata to make you a little cartoon monster that had the same interests as you.

Meanwhile, the Tumblr community decided they’d get in on the April Fools’ game and, as a group, decided to bring back the Mishapocalypse.

If you weren’t on Tumblr back then, the Mishapocalypse was a deeply annoying meme where, on April Fools’ Day 2013, a ton of users all changed their avatars to the same awkward photo of Supernatural actor Misha Collins. The meme spread beyond Tumblr and, depending on what corners of the internet you hung out on, there was basically a full 12 hours where everyone was Misha Collins. It was extremely confusing. It got so annoying that even Collins tweeted about it, saying that even he was sick of seeing his own face.

If you want to see Mishapocalypse 2021, head over to the tag and enjoy.

In Case You Forgot, 3OH!3 Are Still Back

For April Fools’ Day, they posted a “Tiny Dick Concert,” parodying NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. I’m not sure if I like this or think it’s good, but if you’re bored on a Friday afternoon, it might be worth checking out. The “Starstrukk” arrangement is pretty good. I am still very confused on what 3OH!3 are actually trying to do. Are they hyperpop dads? Millennial Bloodhound Gang? What do they want?

Cancel Culture Strikes Again

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