Someone take my Bluesky invite codes too please!






I do not want Threads to be the winner.

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IMO, (unless you are a business) going from Twitter to anything other than a nonprofit platform like Mastodon is just so painfully short-sighted.

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Does anyone else have Instagram showing you threads in your main feed now? I never signed up to threads but I keep getting like a little thread feed randomly popping up now.

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That Rick Astley clip is likely him imitating this meme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doEqUhFiQS4

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ditto artifact

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On the topic of „what AI is useful for“, I think the best example I have seen is DougDoug on Twitch. He does very creative streams where the chat is able to interact with the stream or Doug in novel ways.

And I would argue that this is the future of the technology as a whole. It’s simply a new „medium“ of communication/interaction that wants to create the illusion of communication when, in reality, you are talking to yourself.

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Evil Rick Astley is real Rick Astley doing a cover version of a meme. Which, good for him.

On a not entirely unrelated note, I found it mildly depressing how his most recent music video was obviously filmed on a smartphone (as evidenced by the egregiously unsubtle AI postprocessing). Tell me I’m not wrong tho:


Nice lenses aren’t that expensive!

(Also it looks like he’s lip-syncing his own song rather than dubbing over bad smartphone audio, which is just kind of weird. Mainly it makes him seem low-energy, which makes him seem older, which is also mildly depressing.)

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