I'm A Little Hungover Today So This Is Gonna Be Short

Read to the end for a good comic

First Up, A Big Thank You

I don’t have a ton of stuff this week because I’ve been mostly offline, helping my dear friend Katie put together a live show for BuzzFeed. Last night, it finally all kicked off at Webster Hall. According to Rolling Stone, “Ryan Broderick and Katie Notopolous succinctly and successfully presented a powerpoint-esque presentation about Belle Delphine selling her bathwater.” So that’s pretty cool! It was a great time. Such a great time, in fact, that I am not feeling very good today. Thank you everyone who came!

OK, Second, Two Interesting Charts

The following gross CGI “live action” character spectrum was created by Tumblr user penny-ana. “The Cats movie and the ‘live action’ Lion King exist at opposite ends of a spectrum but idk what said spectrum is,” they wrote.

Luckily, another Tumbr user, lesbianchemicalplant, decided to help add a bit more clarity to what we’re talking about here.

Still pretty unclear what it is we’re really looking at, but I do definitely think we’re on to something.

Next Up, A Quick Tech Update

Now, For Some British Politics

Look, following what’s happening in Britain can be complicated. Most of their politicians look like haunted Victorian dolls and have names like Jacob Yon-Rogg or whatever. Also, the unceasing disaster of Brexit is taking forever and impossibly boring. My buddy Luke owes me £50 if they’re still “Brexiting” by 2025.

But if you’re looking for a good way to keep up with the Great British Break Up, look no further than the Ireland Simpsons Fans Twitter account.

They had a lot to say this week, especially, now that former London mayor Boris Johnson is the UK’s new Prime Minister.

Hopefully, this all makes more sense now.

Speaking Of The Simpsons, I Fucking Hate This

Alright, Here’s Some Good Cat Content

A Tumblr user named gaeree decided to draw famous cat memes in the style of the horrific hyper-real cat humans from the Cats movie. If I had to look at these with my own eyes, so do you.

Finally, A Discussion About Workers’ Rights

This amazing post was flagged to me by Twitter user @ReallyGoodJames. The original post appears to no longer be on Reddit, but thankfully, someone found it so we can appreciate it with all the details.

  • “I have been in a committed polyamorous dominant submissive relationship for the past three months. I’m the Dom and I have 5 subs”

  • “They need to call me master. No kissing anyone except for me. If i tell someone to do something, they do it (within bounds of course).”

  • “The punishments depend on the person, some of my subs get whipped, some publicly humiliated.”

  • “I woke up a couple days ago and told one of my subs to get me a cup of coffee. He didn’t do it.”

  • “Now, if one of my subs acts like this I break it off with them so I threatened him that I would kick him out of the relationship.”

  • “The other subs chimed in and said that if I kick him out, they all leave. That’s right; my submissives have unionized.”

  • “They handed me a sheet of paper with a list of demands.”

  • “The power balance was shifted when they unionized and I don’t know what to do.”

There’s obviously a lot to process here, but I, for one, support these subs in the struggle against their bourgeoise dom.

P.S. Here’s that good comic.

***All typos in this letter are on purpose actually***