Industrial Workers Of The World Posted Furry Fetish Art

Read to the end to see one of the most unbelievable videos I’ve ever seen

First, A Big Announcement!

OK, so, this is super exciting. My buddy Dan and I are starting a new newsletter! (Is this the first addition to the Garbage Media newsletter empire???) I think Garbage Day readers are going to like this.

Every other week, me and Dan (who is British) will give each other an album to listen to and then talk about it. Most of these albums will probably be some form of emo (at least to start). Then we each pick a song to add to an ongoing Spotify playlist.

I’m very proud of the name. The newsletter is called… Transatlanticism. The first issue comes out tomorrow! Subscribe here. 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

Let’s Talk About Lil Nas X’s Mentions

It’s really hard to imagine what the internet was like before Lil Nas X. He’s one of the few people who is actually good at Twitter. But I’m not here to talk about his tweets, I’m here to talk about the entire internet community that has apparently formed inside of his mentions. Here are two great examples.

Earlier this week, Lil Nas X tweeted this:

And then one of his followers tweeted this:

A few days later, Lil Nas X tweeted this:

And one of his followers tweeted this (NSFW).

Greater Chicago Industrial Workers Of The World Posted Furry Fetish Art

So there’s actually a pretty long tradition of Facebook normies accidentally doing this sort of thing. I suppose, the Greater Chicago IWW Facebook moderator could have just thought this was just a fun picture about workplace solidarity and not what it actually is — fatfur smush fetish art.

The Daily Dot spoke to the person who commissioned the piece.

“I see far-right furries involving politics and laugh my ass off, so I thought it’d be funny to do it for politics me and my friends actually like,” Jay told the Daily Dot. “Most of the fandom (as far as I know) leans fairly left-wing already (though maybe not to the extent me or my friends are), and I felt like people might get a laugh out of it.”

This ties into some trends I’ve been following in the furry community. It does seem like the whole far-right phase is dying down a bit and being replaced with a more leftist interpretation of anthropomorphic animal cosplay. Interestingly enough, the IWW might have been more intentional in sharing the picture than originally assumed…

Also, a day later, Industrial Worker, the official publication of IWW tweeted this:

We have nothing to lose but our chains, comrades, that is, unless you’re taking your human pet for a walk in the park in his fursuit.

Stans Think The Coronavirus Is A Flop

So this “Coronavirus Charts” account describes itself as “Your number #1 source on charts and “news” for #Coronavirus” and it’s a really jarring mix of unsourced figures about the outbreak and bizarre coronavirus memes.

I think it’s part of a weird elaborate roleplay thing, because the replies it’s getting to its tweets are completely out of control:

Good to know that when we finally eventually encounter a truly unbeatable global pandemic exacerbated by the unlivable conditions of a climate change-ravaged Earth, teens will be tracking its spread through elaborate shitpost groups.

Been Thinking About This Tumblr Post For Days

The “you’re not allowed to kill yourself” part has really shaken me to my core.

Remember LMFAO?

Happy Brexit Day, Everyone!

It might be hard to believe, but today the UK will officially leave the European Union — more than three and a half years after the referendum! Here’s a good and entertaining timeline of the whole thing my buddy Alan put together.

Hilariously, there’s actually a lot more insane bull shit that has to happen AFTER the UK leaves the EU, but for now, let’s head over to the number one place for Brexit news on the internet: the Irish Simpsons Fans Twitter account!

OK, Here’s A Gross Food Thing

According to the OP, theshittyfoodblog, “I went camping but forgot to bring a shot glass.”

Or, as one Tumblr user put it, “That’s the second worst reason anyone would carve a hole in a block of spam.”

Here’s A Good Reddit Comment

And A Bernie Meme

January 31, 2020

P.S. here’s one of the most unbelievable videos I’ve ever seen.

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