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Let's Talk About Jesse McCartney's Foot Fetish Tweets

Read to the end for a good TikTok thread

First Up, Happy Foot Fetish Friday

Here are a couple fun facts I learned this week. One, is that Jesse McCartney (the pop star from the mid-00s) has spent the last several years voicing Dick Grayson (Nightwing) on the animated show Young Justice. I have not watched Young Justice but I’ve heard it’s good. I also learned that in 2014, McCartney was apparently super into feet:

Wango Tango, baby!

Next Up, A Cool Recipe For You

We haven’t done a gross food post on here in a bit. Here’s a cool easy-to-make recipe you can try next time you’re having a depressive episode.

1) Get a bag of Doritos Flavor Shots and some sharp cheddar cheese.

2) Assemble like so.

3) And then I guess microwave it?

A perfect dish for fall!

Alright, Here’s A Weird Facebook Ad

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook because I’m not 60 years old, but every time I decide to check in on it, it seems like some new bizarre phenomenon is afflicting the users there. I had seen the ad above going around and had been meaning to figure out what the actual fuck was happening with it, but luckily my buddy Brian Feldman beat me to it.

It turns out Lily’s Garden is a a match-three mobile game, similar to Candy Crush. Their ads are absolutely out of control. It turns out, the ads are made by an outside team, Feldman writes:

The fake-pregnancy story line is not present in the game itself. According to Stella Sacco, the game’s writer, those ads were created by a separate team. “All of those are all totally fabricated for, I guess, virality,” she said “And to that degree, I would say that it worked.” Lily’s Garden has a similarly intricate story line, but fans hoping for more information about the Lily from the ads might be found wanting.

Now, Some Cool Fan Art

You guys seemed to really like the Spongebob pic I included last week, so I figured I’d throw in another cool pic this week. Check this out:

Good news! I was actually able to trace this one back to its source, I think. It ended up on Reddit this week, but it’s been kicking around since 2017. It looks like it was originally drawn by a DeviantArt account called krappykinx in 2017. It’s titled “Zoing, Scoob” and the caption attached reads, “Shaggy discovers the dark side of Furries.” Gonna leave the rest up to your interpretation.

Before You Go, A K-Pop Update

Here’s a viral tweet from earlier this week that, at face value, seems like a normal cute photoset.

Except, if you click through, all the replies are from K-Pop stans writing about how it’s actually a photo of someone named “Namjoon”. Apparently, he’s one of the men in BTS. I had no idea what any of this meant so I decided to reach out to my friend Ikran, who knows a lot more about K-Pop than I do. Here’s what she had to say:

Glad we got to the bottom of that. Thanks Ikran!

Finally, Some Internet History

Here’s something that’s a little outside the normal scope of Garbage Day, but I wanted to share it nonetheless. I assume it’s because I’m turning 30 next month, but I’ve been really interested lately in early-to-mid-00s internet archaeology, going back to some old pieces of web culture and reevaluating them with a modern lens.

I recently came across an archive of a Something Awful thread from the morning of September 11th, 2001. I’ve spent some time this week going through the archive. (If you’re unfamiliar with SA and its cultural legacy, here’s a good primer.) It’s strange, 18 years later, to go back and watch the users crowdsource information in real time that morning. In-between pieces of news coming in there are shitposts, memes, conspiracy theories, and petty arguments. It’s such a wildly human way to look back at it all.

The thread opens with user 0n0g writing, “I just woke up after hearing a crash. There's a big-ass hole in the World Trade Center, and smoke's pouring out of it. My suitemates are freaking out! That kind of sucks…” The user also includes photos from his webcam which happened to be facing the Twin Towers at the time.

The thread plays out as you might assume it would, the second plane hits, users start speculating about what’s going on, pulling in more info as it’s made public. Interestingly, it turns out the SA users were a lot more tapped into the zeitgeist than you’d think. Three comments in particular really stand out:

I guess my biggest surprise was how it modern it all feels. It’s almost exactly how the internet works now, news delivered in pieces, filtered by random digital ephemera. Makes you wonder if, beyond all the post-2016 arguments about the State Of Digital Media, maybe this is just the natural state of the internet. People just dumping what they know into a thread and other people deciding to either help or screw around.

P.S. here’s that good TikTok thread.

***All typos in this letter are on purpose actually***

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