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Let's Talk About The Guy On Mastodon Eating Gorilla Food

Read to the end for an interesting comic

First, Let’s Talk About Pellets Guy

I, admittedly, have not been on Mastodon in a while. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a federated social network. All I really know about it is that it’s almost impossibly complicated to use and in 2017 it became a big place for Japanese pedophiles. Apparently, there’s a guy on Mastodon right now though who’s been making a big stir. Meet Pellets Guy.

This is like a classic early social network phenomenon. I feel like an online community really doesn’t come into its own until a guy (it’s almost always a guy) uses that online community to document some kind of deranged project. Like the Pony Cum Jar or the Tumblr human pet guy. Some more interesting details about Pellets Guy:

And some more details for good measure:

That last tweet says there are pictures out there, but I’m not good enough at math to figure out how to find them on Mastodon or whatever.

Check Out This Good Furry Video

A few weeks ago we talked about the anarcho crustpunk furry that wanted to free Bobby Shmurda and loved to Juul. This appears to be part of the same video series? This one is also good. Enjoy! I really like the part at the end where where it cuts off as he says, “Antifa super soldier.” I recently put together a Powerpoint presentation that explains why furries are actually naturally aligned with the modern antifascist movement. DM me if you want to see it!

It Seems Like These Videos Are All Coming From This Channel

This channel is called All Gas No Brakes and I’m not totally convinced yet that it’s not a far-right thing? But from what I can tell, it’s not? But with all YouTube channels that feature white men in their 20s, I’m still slightly nervous that the other shoe is gonna drop and they’re going to release a video about race science or phrenology or something. So for now I will say I like what I’ve seen. Shoot me an email if I’m totally off-base here and these dudes are actually running some kind of secret neo-reactionary Telegram channel or something.

An Extremely Gross Thing

An alarming amount of Garbage Day readers have been complaining that this newsletter isn’t as gross as it used to. The reason why is simple. I’m trying to sell the fuck out. Anyways, I have some exceptionally gross. My friend Katie sent this to me and it’s really really bad. I’m not going to embed it, screenshot it, or even link directly to it. I don’t even really want to describe but it involves snails. Anyways, click here to see it and may god have mercy on your soul.

A Doomer Update

It’s almost kind of sweet to see a new generation of 4chan users have a collective breakdown over one of their memes going somewhat mainstream. The fact this particular genre of meme is basically just Rage Comics all over again is even funnier.


Speaking Of The Democratic Primary…

This, of course, is in direct opposition to Trump’s 2020 campaign of “You must pilot the EVA 01, Baron.”

Here’s A Really Good Tumblr Ad

I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know how accurate this is, but apparently his thing become-s sooo big!!! So that’s pretty cool.

There’s Been A Lot Of Foot Discourse This Week

If you haven’t read my buddy Hussein’s piece in Mel Magazine about trying to beat foot fetishists with copyright law, you absolutely should read it. I make a cameo!

Going to court is generally a last resort. That was certainly the case for BuzzFeed tech reporter Ryan Broderick. Last year, he was forced to block the Instagram account “feety mcfeetface” after finding out that it had co-opted a picture of him standing on a scale, cropping the photo to emphasize the top of his feet in the process. “It was kind of funny, but largely harmless. I was even flattered at first because the other dudes on the account were pretty big hunks,” Broderick recalls.

But as the account took more photos from his Instagram feed, Broderick became less and less comfortable — especially when the account started commenting on his pictures and tagging him in feet pics. “I had this foot account thirsting after me in a place where my friends and family could see it. It escalated to a point where I had to shut it down and block him.”

Here’s a good tweet on the topic I’ve really been thinking about a lot lately.

I Found This K-Pop Meme And I Don’t Know What To Do With It

According to Google, Yoongi is better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D. He is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Cool.

I Really Like This Instagram Cat

His name is Sämpy and he’s from Finland.

Apparently, Kool-Aid pickles Are A thing?

People in this Reddit thread are saying they’re common in parts of the Midwest? Well I still don’t like them!!!

What Do You Guys Think About This Dude’s Lady Drawer?

That’s definitely a dildo under the wipes there right? Anyways, this rules. Fellas, make sure your queen has a proper castle. Next time you have a woman over your apartment, bring her into your bedroom and show her your weird drawer full of tampons and scrunchies.

And ladies, don’t forget men have needs too.

P.S. here’s an interesting comic.

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