I think the thing about TikTok is that when a thing gets popular enough to be seen outside its niche, people don’t know how to interact with it. I personally don’t go to TikTok to be annoyed by things, and vintage clothing makeovers are a totally normal and good thing in my corner of it, but you’re right that when they escape to other areas people freak out, and freaking out certainly drives more views and comments and etc etc vicious circle.

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Love garbage!

Maybe that voice is synthesized? Easy to do on software like Picture.ai

The aesthetic is derived from the accessible data sets. Reddit for example is 2/3 male, deviant art is well --it's in the name. Porn is a huge dataset. Paid and sometimes higher quality assets are not available.

By the way, conversations with your doctor are being "anonymized" and sold. I can only imagine what's going on behind the curtain in terms of massive data sales. Like, when you use a site to transfer content, did they copy it? I wouldn't put it past them.


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There is always something new to be outraged over. I think it is a national pastime. Outrage is fun and raging makes up feel a little bit empowered. If someone cares that you are outraged, they you really have been empowered.

Next thing we'll pass a constitutional amendment enshrining the heckler's veto as a basic civil liberty.

Just wait until Congress votes to ban TikTok.

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It's interesting how individual our internet experiences can be--I ONLY see tiktoks if they are good, basically. I've ruthlessly curated my feeds to make sure I don't hateread which probably helps

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RE: neocoom guy voice, he sounds remarkably like Lloyd Grossman, who was a Philly boy who moved to the UK, giving him a weird fusion accent, became a fairly succesful TV cook and has his own range of Pasta Sauces now: Example here: https://youtu.be/LLdaa1oloRw?t=28

It's that combination of "Fake Posh English accent" that ooooooveremphasises vowels with American staccato, and some North English tendancies as well. He keeps posting about "The Dems and GOP" which is pretty strange cos he's definetely from the UK, so maybe he's an ex-pat Brit or just knows that US politics will get more clicks. Either way, deeply strange.

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You didn’t finish the hands on a hard body jet video????

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Wow, that guy simultaneously has a Northern Ireland, a middle class South of England, and an American accent. How is that even physically possible

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I loved the joker 2 reference to start, after pondering your question about what do I expect to see when I see on a tiktok on Twitter, I mostly see people doing bits. Maybe it's just the niche I follow, but everytime I see a tiktok I think it's posted in a sense of ironic enragement, like your mad but it's funny cause people are stupid.

So I listened to neocoom guy and yes he definitely sounds like Pegasus from yu gi oh. Maybe with a dash of Raphael from season 4, but yeah I think you got that one. Also nice to see coverage of the anti dudes addicted to masturbating movement since I see that stuff a lot on reddit and have no clue about it.

Concur on ai art being a style. I just flipped though a comics solicitation and the one thing that stood out is you can just tell off the bat the images and covers are made by humans.

Surprised anyone is still doing nfts anymore. They should be out of style unlike @ryanpornstar.

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