Re: computers in Minecraft - 11 years ago I saw this video https://youtu.be/LGkkyKZVzug and thought it was sick. In it the guy mentions a book he read that taught him how to build it. I ordered that book and read it over the summer break. Ended up going to university to study computer science and getting an internship at a CPU company. Been at it ever since (engineering, not Minecraft). Hope my kids will play Minecraft too!

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Never mind the whiskey: is it even really authentic NyQuil chicken if you don’t serve it on a bed of delicious Tide Pods? And never mind the death of Julia Child: has cuisine really, truly existed _at all_ since the American discontinuation of Quaaludes in 1985?

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appreciate the twitch content! i don't understand how xqc gets consistently like 80k or more viewers doing what he does, his place on twitch is such a bizarre little universe. QTcinderella works so hard at what she does (also she's a very talented baker and cake decorator!) but part of that is when she does events she divvies up who gets to stream when so everyone can share in the value of increased views. so maybe xqc just wanted to stay home and make his millions chilling playing slots or whatever. i mean, that would be tempting over making a fraction of the money sleeping in a cabin sweating balls and doing ~activities~ so. but it's fucked up to back out last minute when you know your name on the roster is a draw.

anyway, that subreddit IS funny and i'm still so...i mean i can't even say surprised but just...icked out by people who miss the point of the show entirely and unironically love homelander. but that was a weird post to neg i feel? the one in the screenshot? because it's a fantasy show about superheroes who do shit like that all the time. (i.e. land an airplane gently and hold it long enough for all the passengers to evacuate.) it's meta to me like...the person doing the dig is actually the one who looks like an idiot. of course homelander could have saved those people, he just didn't because he's a terrible person who wouldn't lift a finger for anyone else unless it benefitted him. it wasn't because of physics.

the 4chan/tiktok comparison was really interesting to think about. on 4chan someone does A Thing, and everyone points and laughs and that's it. on tiktok, someone does A Thing and everyone else also does The Thing. the copycatting seems to be generational too? like it just seems to be how young people interact with each other. (this is a neutral statement btw! i just find it interesting. obviously in every generation young folx copy their friends to some degree, but this is particular.)

also i am Once Again Asking if you are a NYT subscriber to please share unlocked articles when you link to them because otherwise it's a paywall. and everyone can use more corn. after all, it's got the juice. (and the grease.)

also also, WHEN is the twitter trend of marking unrelated content/stupid jokes in replies as "sensitive content" to get people to click on it going to end? the comments are often the best part of twitter posts and now it's just...this.

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I liked your analogy of catholocism to astrology in regards to how social media mines them for content (wait that'd be a cool name for a podcast, social media mines) I dunno if astrology is still the drug of the day on tumblr, but it's life cycle there might be a hint to catholicisms current trend.

As a fan of the Boys myself I appreciated the limited content on it. With the recent Erin Moriarty controversy its just so weird to see how fans of the show are oblivious to its messaging.

Love the minecraft builds! those guys are genius,.

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