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Destiel Is Canon

If those words mean anything to you, congrats, you’ve been on the internet too long! Last night, the CW show Supernatural continued its final 15th season (jfc) by confirming a romantic pairing that fans have been shipping for almost a decade.

The show follows two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, as they travel around fighting demons. In season 4, the show introduced the trench coat-wearing angel Castiel. To call the Dean/Castiel, or “Destiel,” ship a fan favorite is a severe understatement. The ship is largely credited with the creation of an entire subgenre of erotic fanfic called “Omegaverse”. You might recognize the term from a recent New York Times piece covering a massive Omegaverse lawsuit. Omegaverse fanfic describes the pairing of an alpha, or dominate personality, with an omega, or subservient personality. The typical Destiel fanfic I’ve seen usually has an alpha Castiel and an omega Dean, in case you’re curious.

The patient zero of Omegaverse fanfic is heavily debated, but it has connections to the male pregnancy, or mpreg, fetish and is pretty popular with furries too.

On last night’s Supernatural episode, Castiel confessed his love for Dean and, as far as I can tell, immediately went to hell for some reason. Tumblr has been in complete meltdown mode ever since. The reactions I’ve seen range from extremely horny joy, to deep deep cringe, to genuine outrage that Supernatural showrunners chose to confirm one of the longest running homosexual fan pairings possibly of all time only then to immediate “bury your gays.” It didn’t help that right as the Supernatural episode was airing that a British tabloid announced that Russian president Vladimir Putin would be stepping down due to Parkinson’s. (A report the Kremlin is denying this morning.) The Putin news explains some of these memes.

I’m still trying to process the idea that, for the rest of my life, I’ll associate Joe Biden likely winning the 2020 election with 2012 Tumblr fetish porn.

And, yes, politically in America, things will assuredly get worse before they get better. The Trump campaign is already laying the groundwork for recounts and court challenges. Armed far-right extremists are walking the streets. There are many unknowns ahead of us. But for right now, Destiel is canon and Trump has likely lost both the electoral college vote and the popular vote.

I Figured Out What The N With The Bat Wings Logo Means

I’ve seen this n with two bat wings all over the place recently. A bunch of Groyper-types I follow on Twitter are putting into their memes and every once in a while it shows up on Reddit. People are beginning to ask questions about it. Figuring it had reached critical mass, I did a little surfing around and, unfortunately, I now know what it is now.

It’s the logo for nHentai, which is like a Pornhub-style website for anime porn. Now you know. Apparently this guy is gonna wear the logo on his face. Here’s a really good exchange from the comments of this post:


Here’s A Good Election Tweet

This was sent to me by my friend Jamie. He said, “When people ask me what internet culture is I may start replying with this.” I agree!

A Teacher Confronts His Zoom Bombers

This is a totally wild series of videos. You can head over to the @gandjs TikTok page to watch them all. There’s about eight in total. The backstory here is a teacher named Josh Willecke was getting zoom bombed like crazy earlier this week. So he had all of his actual students leave the Zoom room and stayed on by himself. His wife then filmed him talking to his trolls one-by-one. It’s totally fascinating to listen to.

My main takeaway is that this dude is INSANELY patient and that these zoom bombers are impossibly young.

A Very Interesting Wedding Speech

I was sent this video by a Garbage Day reader named Carlos. He said I wouldn’t need subtitles to understand it. And while that is DEFINITELY true. I messaged my buddy Íñigo and asked him if he could help me translate it. I can’t verify anything that happens in this video, but I can tell you the video itself is an absolutely WILD ride from start to finish. Here’s what they’re saying:

Mic guy: I'm going to tell you one thing. I have a person here who is my head lawyer.

People in the crowd: What for? What's wrong?

Mic Guy: I have a document here. You know that I am expecting a child. Here's the pregnancy test. They forgot a little detail... My love, here, I have tests that say you’re not four months, but six months.

Father-in-law: What is your husband talking about?

Wife: It's a confusing, dad.

Mic guy: Easy, my love. I want to clarify a small detail. Lawyer, let's continue please. The house, it’s in my name.

Wife: Miguel, Miguel, let's go out and talk.

Mic guy: What is the argument I have? Here's the proof... father-in-law please.

Father-in-law: What are you talking about?

Mic Guy: A video I have... of the three years of your daughter cheating.

Father-in-law: What is your husband talking about?

Mic Guy: That son is not mine, but this... this bastard’s. You were going home to visit my daughter. This party is not mine, it is theirs.

Where’s QAnon?

If you’re looking for a good to person to follow to keep up with QAnon, I highly recommend Fredrick Brennan. I’ve spoken to him a few times and he’s been really helpful. Brennan started 8chan (which is rebranded as 8kun), but has since left the community and disavowed it. He works tirelessly to warn others about QAnon now. This Tortoise feature on him from last year is fascinating. He has a lot of insight into how QAnon works.

Q followers are beginning to panic right now because “Q” hasn’t made a “drop” since before the election. I find Brennan’s theory as to why really compelling — current 8kun owner Jim Watkins gave the controls over to someone new and that person has no idea how to use the janky back end of the website.

This Music Video Has Turned Me Into A Being Of Pure Energy

If you aren’t familiar with Skatune Network, please check them out! I actually interviewed them back in August (paywalled). While talking about ska music and DIY ethics, they told me something that I’ve found incredibly inspirational and now think about all the time:

When you tell yourself “nothing will be better than what I know,” you make up your mind that you’ve reached the best and you don’t allow yourself to truly experience anything new. Is a life like that even worth living? Out there, there’s always a song, a food, a show, a movie, an album, a drink, a city, a reality you’ll love more than your current favorite. Don’t cap out your own life! Take risk! Try new things!

Here’s Another Good Tweet

(FWIW I wanted to include the original version of this tweet, but it seems like the OP was suspended.)

Alright, Let’s Check In On 4chan

After some premature schadenfreude back in 2016, I’ve made it a rule not to laugh at 4chan users having complete meltdowns when reality doesn’t align with their completely demented worldview. But, with things looking the way they’re looking, and with the understanding that we have 75 days of uncertainty ahead of us. I think we should just take a very quick second and indulge. Without further ado, here is how 4chan is handling things right now:


While we’re talking about 4chan, I want to make sure everyone sees this excellent Motherboard piece from earlier this week. According to chat logs obtained by VICE, a 4chan admin going by the name “RapeApe” was the guiding force behind the site’s drastic political shift around 2015. RapeApe was supposedly a veteran who was super into Warhammer 40k (obvz). Here’s an interesting part of Motherboard’s piece:

But RapeApe isn’t just a typical /pol/ user who happens to run the site. According to three current and former staff members, RapeApe shaped 4chan into a reflection of his own political beliefs. “RapeApe has an agenda: he wants /pol/ to have influence on the rest of the site and [its] politics,” a current janitor said.

Wait, A Last Minute Question From A Garbage Day Reader

I was literally just about to send out today’s email when I got an excellent question from a reader named Tyler. He asked me if I could explain where this Joe Biden Pepe The Frog drawing came from:

It’s not really the point, but I want to point out the signs in the background there say “cuck shed”. Here’s another one:

Well, Tyler is in luck because I get this reference. To understand this Biden Pepe, you need to be familiar with an anime called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It has a very specific art style. I had a friend explain the plot of it once and it took him several hours and nothing he said made any sense, but he was very excited about all of it.

The earliest version of the meme I could find on a reverse image search was from a Kiwi Farms thread last week. I’m not gonna link out. But the original version comes with the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure font on it.

If you couldn’t tell from the title, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure features several characters with Jo-based names like Joe Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Jonathan Joestar, Josuke Higashikata, and Johnny Jostar.

So now we have Joe Biden.

***Any typos in this email are on purpose actually***


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