Skibidi to the polls

Read to the end for the chocolate guy back with another banger

Welcome to Garbage Weekend. It’s the internet garbage you know and love, but in a format that’s easier to read while you grill meats.

(We’re so screwed…)

This week, Kabosu, the doge dog, passed away. Elsewhere in meme death, Colbert did a Skibidi Biden video. Between that and Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg getting Chotiner’d, I’m not sure the election is going so well, guys. Also, the TikTok train guy did a big interview with the BBC and zoomers made up a new version of gooning called flickergooning. Meanwhile, Google’s AI summary search is probably going to poison someone. If you do rely on AI-generated recipes to cook, at least you have fast food value menus again. Huh, wait, maybe Biden can win this thing.

Anyways, here’s some fun stuff…

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