“…men who have absolutely paid for pickup artist classes, that very specific kind of guy who has a ponytail and more than one pet lizard, and, apparently, out-of-work magicians.“





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New reader, love your thoughts! Was pondering your question about the future usecase for blockchain, ala how RSS feeds became the prime way of delivering podcasts, and stumbled across a seed of an idea: is there some way of using blockchain as a way of authenticating timestamps on viral images? I feel like one of the issues with jpegs is there’s no way of knowing how up-to-date or old a picture actually is; while blockchain isn’t the best way using resources, the fact that you can’t remove that metadata seems useful. Not sure if it’s something that actually works, but I figure it’d be nice to have at least one useful blockchain application to argue about!

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Saw this today and thought of you (sorry): https://sf.eater.com/2022/6/22/23177587/sho-club-membership-cost-nft-restaurant-san-francisco

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