SonicFox5000 Vs UK Parliament [PvP]

Read to the end for a cool TikTok video

First, Some Drama

If you haven’t been following the drama going on right now between SonicFox and UK parliament, here’s what you need to know:

  • Dominique “SonicFox” McLean is a self-described “black queer furry” E-sports player who, by all accounts, is one of the best Mortal Kombat players on Earth.

  • And, yes, he regularly plays in a blue fox fursuit.

  • He also hates TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists).

  • The UK is currently embroiled in another one of their huge blowups over trans rights. It is a big thing there.

  • This week a Scottish MP named Joanna Cherry started reading a bunch of SonicFox’s tweets in parliament.

  • Cherry thinks that Twitter should make “sex a protected class.” Part of that protection, apparently, means that people shouldn’t be allowed to tweet aggressively about TERFs.

  • During a Human Rights Committee, Cherry played a SonicFox video where his character delivers a fatality on a female Mortal Kombat character and captioned it “This is what I do to TERFs.”

  • Twitter appears to have taken down the video.

All of this, though, is just window dressing for…

To be clear, this is the meme being held up:

2019 never stops 2019-ing.

Next, A Weird Thing

Here’s a WikiHow tutorial called “How to Clean Gunk from Your Cat's Eyes”. It’s pretty great. It suggests using tea bags.

Now, A Quick Language Lesson

An anonymous Tumblr user recently asked a Latin teacher for some advice.

“how exactly could one ask for feet pics in latin? i messaged the pope on twitter but he wont respond so im thinking that he might if i ask him again but in latin,” the anonymous user asked.

The Latin teacher, thoodleoo, appears to have not answered. Weird.

But don’t fret! Another user named cacilius-est-pater reblogged the post and stepped up and took a shot at translating:

“If you want to demand them: mitte mihi picturas pedum (‘send foot pics’), and if you want to be a little more polite about it because, you know, it’s the Pope, maybe something like mittas mihi picturas pedum, si placet (‘could you send foot pics if that’s alright?’)”

Glad that’s settled.

Finally, A Sonic Update

I can’t believe we have to put up with this shit until November. What’s worse is that even though Sonic director Jeff Fowler has pledged to changing the design of the character, we still have enough footage of this Sonic that the internet will be forever cursed by it. Sonic’s human teeth will out-live us all.

Oh, Wait, A Last-Minute Addition

Shout out to @spamofthemic on Twitter. Who, 13 minutes before I was about to send this out today, sent me this absolutely incredible Reddit post from r/me_irl. I won’t spoil what it is, but the top comment on it right now is, “i never knew just how much i needed to see this piece of art untill i saw it. thank you.” Looks like it comes from this tweet. Enjoy.

P.S. here’s that really good TikTok video I promised you.

***All typos in this letter are on purpose actually***

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