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There's a lot more to this story. Savannah is in violation of the APhA Code of Ethics and practice standards every time she bullies anyone. She doxes people all the time. She uses sock accounts and swaps SIM cards. She also leads the Nurse Mafia, which is a faction of Daneland. Several of those healthcare creators are already on probation with their licensing board and a few cannot be confirmed to be licensed...ever. Savannah has no idea what is or is not doxxing. Most people on social media do not. I recommend seeking out attorneys that specialize in privacy and tech, specifically. The words "public" and "private" are not identified in the federal regulations. Some states have passed laws specific to doxxing. Myself land others have explained this to Savannah but she does not care. She is under investigation currently for her lactation consulting license. If you look at her business FB page, she has uploaded a lot of photos of women breastfeeding and if any of those images are patients, that's a HIPAA violation. If she put those photos up without the permission of those women, I don't know what her board would think. I do know that Savannah is aware that images like that are what pedophiles seek out online. She continues to post close ups of her breasts fully exposed with her child in the photos, any way. On her Only Fans banner photo, which is posted to kiwifarms, she has on lingerie with a giant butcher knife in between her legs. If you look at her website, on the pages about her petty journal club you'll see her continuing to glorify the use of knives. She has a fanscination with knives, sexual dominance, mafia and military culture. She was in the military for a very short period of time after pharmacy school. My guess? She was either medically discharged or had a dishonorable because I think she was only active duty for 6 months. You can make really good money as a pharmacist in the military, so I don't know why she'd only do that for a few months. More recently, she's involving her child more in videos to promote her bullying and her Only Fans. That is considered financial and sexual exploitation of a child. When you really go down this rabbit hole, prepare. Things are so much worse than most know. If you haven't watched the Netflix series The Most Hated Man on the Internet, please do. Savannah and Danesh have a group chat where they organize their group to focus on full annihilation of their victims. When someone can't accept an apology, doesn't think getting someone fired is enough, and goes so far as to contact and destroy every aspect of their victims's identity, they essentially take away that person's identity. It indicates a much higher level of aggression and a higher risk for other kinds of violence. It's important to recognize that this is not your everyday internet bickering. Savannah has recently focused on a family with young children who lost their mom to suicide a year ago. She's smearing the name of a dead woman to sell her Only Fans content. Read that sentence outloud. She is literally telling the internet that a stranger killed his wife. In reality, his wife died by suicide only a year ago. That man was on the verge of tears when he begged Savannah to stop for his children. This was on her IG maybe 2 weeks ago. Instead of stopping, she decided to go lower. She has no ability to feel empathy for others. She does not feel embarrassed by her behavior. She enjoys causing suffering to others, especially children, those in crisis and people of color. I watched her argue with Black twitter for 3 days straight about plantations. She actually thinks that she did not get married on a plantation. I watched Black women with PhDs in Black History teach her all the details about plantations on Twitter. Savannah continued to insist she was right. When people like Danesh and Savannah are this way, it provides us with an opportunity to recognize their violence, label it correctly, and warn others. They are incapable of change, remorse, or humility. I have seen their own children be threatened with everything you can think of by incredibly scary hackers online. Instead of backing down, they go in even more. I honestly think they want someone to attack their family just so they can get more followers. There are a lot of parents like this on TikTok, unfortunately. They financially exploit their kids. When you learn to recognize that pattern, you'll notice the other themes arise as well: in a republican state, married, parent, dissatisfaction in marriage, dissatisfaction in career, bullying and name-calling, making fun of others' appearances, mocking anyone that identifies as Christian, idolizing serial killers, deleting all negative comments about them, deleting their posts where the doxx to cover their tracks, center themselves on every societal issue, fund their criminal activity on OF and buymeacoffee, hire real hackers since they're not smart enough to be one, fear mongering without giving any call to action, reusing others' content without giving them credit, etc. Musclesandnursing is another member of their squad who has a vascination with violence. His father killled his mother. He has talked about this openly many times in many videos and it's been verified in public court documents. He loves to share all the details of him hanging out with his mothers corpse for approximately 6 hours. I found this to be oddly specific, so myself and others looked back at the court records. Muscles was never there. He uses his mother's murder to legitimize his decision to make multiple TikToks calling CPS on women because "if you let a man abuse you (verbal only, no physical or sexual) then you don't deserve to keep your kids". He's an LPN and grossly exagerates his claims to sound like he's a lot more educated than he is. He is currently on probation with the nursing board. If you look him up, it shows what he did in Arizona to cause them to permanently revoke his license. It's bad. Shame on Delaware for letting someone become licensed there after that. A lot of these people know each other in real life. They are focused in the NE and SE. SmugNurse is in PA with Danesh. Close to them is Thatpsychnp in NJ and muscles in DE. They accuse people of doxxing if they give out their license info, but they are required to provide that info when asked from anyone in the public. They refuse to, which leaves their victims with no choice but to share that info on social media. When I've shared it, I put the minimim. I don't share their addresses, phone numbers, etc. In some states, you need their first name, last name, license number, license type and state. They will lie and act like anyone can easily look them up. That's not true. Savannah is licensed as a pharmd in SC, ID and CO. Most people knew about SC, but very few people realized she was licensed as a pharmacist in 3 states. She has a national license as well for her lactation consulting. Nursetoughlove and Saxapacs_NC (not a licensed nurse) are in NC. Sammyyyh(refuses to give license number or name) is in FL. Savannah is in MS. She has an EMT helping her target people. He uses his real name on every social media site, but I'll stick to initials. CS and he's in Indiana. They acquire new minions to help them. The new recruits are Cassidythepsychic who's a CNA in TN and thinks she can do her psychic readings with her patients. There's also Allison Nietzel, a newly graduated and unlicensed MD in Illinois or Michigan with zero research experience or practice experience. She has a nonprofit for disinformation that doesn't make clear what you're donating for. She is going after all of Savannah's victims right now without any concern about who they are or what they actually did. They behave like a pack of wolves. They eat voraciously and often. Soon they'll run out of prey and then they'll turn on one another. I encourage everyone to ask the American Nursing Association and the American Pharmacist Association why in the world they are ignoring the Nurse Mafia. They are giving Hunter Moore vibes. If she's willing to use her own child to promote her Only Fans, imagine how she is when she's alone with women and children during a time when mom and baby need to be safe and bonded. How does that work when their healthcare provider is a predator? If she's using her laptop to do Only Fans and see patients, then there's a very real possibility pedos could access her patient information. These healthcare providers do not know what their professional organizatons think about ethical codes and technology. They could learn from experts who. Doing so would help them protect their license. Instead, they choose to spend 16 hours a day yelling at strangers and twerking it alone in their bathroom. The sad thing about this is that there are good healthcare providers out there, but the public doesn't get to hear from them. They are too busy hiding from Savannah and her cult.

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