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Kai cenat isn't the best role model, but to compare him to sneako, or describe him as a misogynistic tough guy is just wrong. I'm somewhat aware of him because I'm chronically online, and he's the opposite of a tough guy, he's short, high-energy, screams a lot, dances a lot, talks a lot, and jokes a lot.

Characterizing him as a misogynist is also a really far stretch. I'd describe him more as willing to use women for content, women he interacts with on social media are usually attractive or famous women also clout-chasing for their own followers, where the most misogynistic argument would be that these women are just reduced down to their beauty. And in the context of the hood world, where men are valuable only for their wealth and clout, this is better described as just superficial culture instead of misogynistic or anti-male culture.

The worst thing I've seen from him is transphobia, which is pretty prevalent among the hood culture he's from and appeals to, though that's not an excuse.

There is this misunderstanding among older people when popular streamers have Tate or someone on, and there's this association that because they're hosting Tate, they agree with his views or want to platform them, etc., when the streamers are usually these dumb cloutchasing kids following their own hustle/clout culture, with a completely different mental model where platforming isn't in their vocabulary, they see a controversial figure and they know they'll get views, so they'll get them on. Kai is part of that cloutchasing, "W" community but it's more of a chaotic chase for the algo, internet fame and popularity, than anything else. Whatever's trendy, they'll follow

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I don't like that chocolate guy didn't take a huge bite of the table, if you're gonna make something that big edible a giant bite is called for. I give him credit for not making gross stuff like the cake fad though and actually kinda liked the video. I agree on the seven nation army video that went super hard.

I liked your breakdown of the layers of the right wing movement online, it was both thorough and relatively succinct. The phrase "insurrection level of glee" was really good too. A lot of right wing drama is spilling over to the split over the current gay marriage bill, but it'll be interesting to watch it all play out over the next primary season.

I'll make sure when I'm on tiktok to look for instances of rizz, I'm so siloed I only come across a trend when it's been kinda hornified. Definitely was not expecting a garbage day return mention of the top G Andrew Cobra Tate (thought that dude fell off a cliff for a while).

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