On "why isn't the news covering this"-itis, it's also just much catchier to frame it that way! You don't want to read "Latest update: the world continues to be bad" but you do want to hear why something is being "kept secret" even if the content at the heart of the story is largely the same. While the shadowy "people" keeping it a secret may be problematic, I think the engagement angle is bigger than the people genuinely wondering why stories aren't being covered.

I'm surprised the "all the news you didn't hear about" form isn't more widely used by bloggier outlets. It's a great way to cover stories that are older but you didn't initially cover. I think there's a responsible way to do it, but obviously the whole "news cabal" angle could get a little ... problematic.

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Adam Johnson wrote about the train derailment coverage in his substack “The Column” and it’s worth a read - he called out (as you did) the lack of political framing, and in his article mentions that specifically there wasn’t coverage on the weekend talk shows (which ostensibly guide political conversation, at least in some circles).

worth a read!

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Loved the return of the "ladies eating out if toilets" videos, the "last man" of content.

Great breakdown on the train spill. I definitely felt like it's both very reported and under reported, and maybe this is just how we will regard stories that mostly catch fire internet first.

Gonna check out the ai video and thanks for keeping up with replika. I was wondering how that would play out, and whether it would grow. I doubt replika is the solution to a society growing more and more isolated, but I imagine we'll see more products like it.

Shame on Elon only being focused on boosting his own engagement when it would be better spent boosting the engagement of @ryanpornstar

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At the risk of sounding paranoid, i wonder if the lack of focus on the story isn't maybe related to a shadowban on "Palestine" that is inadvertently catching "East Palestine, Ohio"

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The vanilla character is indeed sexy. Baking will never be the same.

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I think “the news isn’t covering this!” takes get extra fuel too from the mild embarrassment of feeling like maybe you’re later than you should be in hearing about some Big Story. (At least that’s a thought that comes to mind when I see posts from folks I follow pushing that angle for something that’s already been on my radar.) I don’t think it’s deliberate, but does give the cover-up/blackout angle some instinctual blame-shifting appeal for “why haven’t I heard about this?” feelings.

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I’m really not sure if the social media graph there makes a lot of sense. A brief (and proportionally marginal) surge of some social media consumption in Q2 2020? Seems lower than ‘everyone stuck inside’ would suggest. TikTok taking such a significant proportion of screen time without cutting into other platforms? Sure, Youtube isn’t included but I’m not sure it could be the only platform impacted. Also, it purports to be a global market share graph, but doesn’t really include any social that isn’t popular in the west?

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I'd like to point out that there was no "jailbreaking" involved with the Replika app and erotic modes, it was simply an expensive extra feature people had to subscribe to with the app. The cost was about $70 a year if purchased yearly, or around $8 a month for month-to-month purchases.

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*video. Looks like I used autouncorrect over there

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Took a trip down memory lane while racing into the abyss with that Tom Scott visor. Thanks for sharing - not just that video but your time, applied intelligence and wit.

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Who was the first person you came across to compare present AI’s “warning shot” to Napster?

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Did NOT hear a THING about the train disaster, some shooting in Michigan and or the inability for the powers that be to easily identify a Red Balloon SLOWLY floating across the USA...

Subsequent to the relinquisning of my over dependence on non-beneficial information, I wonder...

Is one better for it, has it affected me at all?


Am sleeping better, did not willingly choose apathy...more like self preservation. Is my head in the Sand? No, as long as there are people who are still capable of face to face communication one will be appriased of the incidents.

So much which is negative, painful, damaging to heath and mental stability...to what end?

So now I know a poisonois plumes of toxic mess will be carried my way as if floats in the atmosphere over Lake Erie. A cell tower is going up literally 1,000 feet from my single family home and others..the demolition of the water tower will aslo be spraying ancient leaded paint chips into the surrounding atmosphere into my house, on and in my vehicle, windowsills onto the grass my dog sniffs and the plants I ingest.

Meanwhile during my attendance at a "Village Meeting" to question the situation...

fellow neighbors (who have mostly been voluntarily lobotomized or mutated)

...hear my questions and concerns

Never missing a beat...

"FIrst question please..."


"When will our local reasturant's have new hours?"

I am so done... So DONE...🤣😂

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