What I remember most about YikYak is it was both a cesspool but they were way more hands on with moderation at that time than any other platform. I lived near a high school when it was popular and sometimes couldn't use it b/c of geo-fencing. They shut it down in Chicago to take the time to fence off any schools because bullying got so bad. Imagine IG or Twitter suspending service in a whole city to (try to) fix an harassment problem?


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so I've been doing some digging on the YikYak thing and apparently the IP was bought from someone (apparently the original creators, but the company itself was acquired by Square during the closure?) by a new company (also named Yik Yak, Inc.) led by a dude called Andrew White.

White's past experience basically sums to creating a video-sharing app called Pass The Mustard that had 2 followers on Twitter. Despite this, he decided to sell NFTs based on it lol https://twitter.com/ColmFromHausu/status/1427333531773120518

Though there seem to be good intentions behind the rebuild it looks like it's being run by a bunch of nobodies with limited technical and marketing expertise who aren't ready to build the systems needed to make it safe.

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