We Are Legion, We Are Binod

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Alright, First Up, Here’s Why Everyone Is Writing “Binod” Everywhere

It all started with a video from the Indian YouTube channel Slayy Point. They do a regular thing where they make videos roasting their comments. During one of these videos in July, they noticed that one of their commenters, someone named Binod Tharu, regularly just comments his own name — Binod.

Binod really made an impact with Slayy Point fans. As you can imagine, their comment section is now a mess.

According to Indian news outlet NDTV, who has a good explainer about exactly how huge Binod has become on Indian social media, a bunch of different police Twitter accounts have cracked jokes about it and brands are changing their names to Binod. It’s a big thing rn.

It appears that the Binod storm is getting big enough that American internet users are noticing. Redditors have started asking about Binod spam after a thread in r/memes this week got Binod’d.

You get the idea. Oh, also, in a weird Garbage Day connection, the French hacker I wrote about last week who is currently going through TikTok’s logs looking for anything suspicious has asked that his followers call him Binod now.

Fair enough.

Here’s A Good Meme

(via anciented)

And Here’s A Good Tweet

A Redditor Taught Their Cat To Float In The Bath Tub In A Little Tupperware Container

I saw this amazing Reddit interaction going around Twitter this week and I am extremely excited to say that the user, aquickcupofcoffee, really delivered the goods. The cat’s name is Ahsoka and here she is floating in her little plastic box.

Reddit has become obsessed with Ahsoka and her bath routine. According to a conversation in the comment section of the post above, the box is a kimchi tub. If you’d like to see more Ahsoka content, she now has her own Reddit account. There’s a video over there of her floating around you can check out lol.

Is This The Song Of The Summer???

This comes courtesy of my friend Ellie. It’s a bop!

Let’s Talk About Twitch Fax Hell And The Bedroom Fridge Incident

The above clip comes from a longer stream by Twitch streamer wayneradiotv, which you can check out here. Here’s the set up:

  • wayneradiotv found a fax machine in his basement.

  • wayneradiotv connected Twitch donations to the fax machine.

  • wayneradiotv’s fans started sending him faxes.

  • If wayneradiotv liked the fax, he’d stick them up on the fridge in his bedroom.

  • If wayneradiotv didn’t like the fax, he’d put it in a shredder.

Things were pretty chill in the stream until one of wayneradiotv’s viewers faxed him a picture of their fursona (a furry alter-ego) pointing a gun at him with the caption “show what’s inside the fridge Wayne.”

And that’s when Wayne revealed that the fridge in his bedroom wasn’t a fridge at all, but a cardboard cut-out.

I’ll be honest, I first saw this clip on my phone and my jaw dropped because I legit thought this guy had a fridge in his room. Twitch is like a bizarre shadow world that seems to have similar physics to our own, but is actually a place of pure chaos. I had zero problem believing this guy had a bedroom fridge and yet it was somehow it was more shocking that he DIDN’T.

The Dame Da Ne Song Thing

Been waiting for this bad boy to get big enough to dig into it. Seems like it’s reaching critical mass this week and a lot of people aren’t sure what it’s all about. Chances are you’ve probably seen some weird version of this kind of video floating around.

The song in these videos is “Baka Mitai,” (I’ve Been A Fool) which comes from the Yakuza video game franchise. I’ve never played the Yakuza games, but from what I can tell, they’re not a dating simulator, but also not not a dating simulator?

Seems like a cool game.

The second part of this meme is the facemorph effect you’re seeing in videos like this.

It’s based off this guy’s face. The simplest guide I’ve found on how to do it is from Kapwing. According to them, it’s as simple as dropping a few images into a Google Drive folder and running a few lines of Python:

The deepfake for this meme is created by animating an image with the motion of a video using first order motion model technology…This involves feeding a photo and a template video of someone singing Baka Mitai into a Python code script that runs in most internet browsers. The code uses AI to create the deepfake where it looks like the subject of the photo is singing the song.

Know Your Meme has a good guide, as well!

Garbage Day’s First Paywalled Article Is Dropping Tomorrow!

It’s been really exciting to get a chance to run wild with this newsletter. Without your support, I really wouldn’t be able to do it, so, seriously, thank you all. Now that there’s a good amount of you subscribed, a couple times a month, I’ll be sending around an Extra Garbage Day. For now, they’ll mainly be Q&A’s with some interesting people I’ve been dying to talk to.

Tomorrow’s Q&A is with Sarah H, or @nezumi_ningen, one of my favorite extremism researchers on Twitter. Her main focus is using her knowledge of Japan’s Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult to analyze more modern movements like QAnon, incels, and the greater American far right. We had a good conversation! Here’s a snippet:

Garbage Day: One of my favorite things about your tweets is that you tweet a lot about what I would call common misconceptions about how cults and extremist movements work. What do you think are some of the biggest ones people make?

Sarah H: Calling them idiots won't help anyone. Assuming and asserting they were already like that or had some moral failing beforehand is incorrect. It can be very hard for people to consider this given the reprehensible or even frightening things people in these milieus say and I'm not attempting to make excuses but it's imperative to take a more informed, comprehensive approach to these sorts of situations.

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P.S. here’s a real bad post.

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