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First off I'm glad that garbage day can now add Fred durst and nu metal to the content one can find here.

Allegra and zitron have caught on to something I think a lot of heavy internet users feel. There's just too much happening everywhere at once and it's too hard to discern between noise and not noise.

The fake priest is awesome. I feel like I can say that since American democracy is close to putting our bolsanaro back in power. I hope Brazilians are getting laughs from our Q shamans and desantis'.

I liked the piece on how broken our information systems are. I think there are too many factors at play for them to be fixed but we'll see how bad it will or won't get. I do think that while we always think we've hit rock bottom we have the capacity to go lower. There's a non zero chance that a weatherman will be arrested for participating in faking a hurricane in the future and that's just the world we live in.

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