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It’s Memorial Day in the US and bank holiday in the UK today, so this is going to be a shorter Garbage Day than usual. I’m hoping all of you are outside doing something without a screen today.

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It’s All Kicking Off In The Dream SMP (Again)

I’ve written about the Minecraft YouTuber Dream and his, uh, eccentric fandom before. Most recently, a bunch of Dream fans created a fake Minecraft fandom and started roleplaying it on Tumblr and Discord.

If you’re just catching up on what Dream is all about, he’s a huge Minecraft player who is known for a special server he runs and his speedruns. As eSports news outlet Dexerto has covered, accusations of cheating on his speedruns have been following him for A WHILE now. At one point, Dream tried to get an astrophysicist to look at his gameplay and defend it.

Last night, Dream finally admitting to cheating in a lengthy thread. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the gist is that he argued that he’s not a professional speedrunner, he’s an entertainer and people need to chill out.

Here’s a good rundown on how exactly he was cheating, but basically he admitted to using an “illegal” mod in about six speedruns. He claimed he didn’t know the mod was on when he did the speedruns.

I have no horse in this race, so I don’t really have an opinion on any of this, but I do find the idea of being accused of cheating at playing internet Legos very funny. Also, seeing as how drama functions as a growth model for influencers, I assume Dream admitting he was cheating will only make his channel bigger.

As I said at the top, Dream’s (extremely young) fans are intense. They openly engage in a type of fan fiction called “real people fiction,” where they ship Dream with other Minecraft YouTubers and he’s totally cool with it. The fans are now out in full force defending him as fans of other Minecraft players attack him. My favorite take on the whole thing is that Dream used an “illegal” speedrun mod because he has ADHD:

New Weird Awful Amazon Thing

This is more of a public service announcement than anything else. Amazon is launching “Amazon Sidewalk,” which, unless you opt out of it in the next 10 days, will allow your Amazon devices to start sharing your internet with your neighbors. Which is crazy???? It’s all part of a mesh service the company is trying to launch that would increase the range of their smart devices.

Ars Technica has a good explainer of how it works and, most importantly, how to opt out of it.

The TikTok Algorithm Has Created A New Jack Black

This is cute. There’s a band on TikTok called Adam And The Metal Hawks. They sound like Tenacious D and, honestly, their lead singer has some serious chops. They sound so much like Tenacious D, in fact, that they got Jack Black to duet their cover of the band’s song “Kickapoo”. (TikTok duet, not literal duet.) You can check our their account here, and if you’re looking for a non-TikTok mirror, here it is on Reddit. I like the videos they do with the bowls on their heads.

A Few Tweets From Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton, the singer/songwriter behind the immortal banger “A Thousand Miles” came out swinging on Twitter last week.

If you’re out of the loop on what Carlton is referring to, her song was sampled in a song called “Who I Smoke” by the rappers Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, Yungeen Ace, & FastMoney Goon.

If you take a spin through the song’s Genius page, you’ll find that the lyrics to the video are actually extremely dark. It’s a diss track against rival Florida gang members and many of the people named in the song are dead.

Carlton is aware of this. In a subsequent tweet, she makes a really interesting point. She writes, “Popular songs accompanied by white violence or tales of white violence aren't questioned. It's considered visceral or cinematic.” And she compares the use of her song in “Who I Smoke” to the scene in Reservoir Dogs where a guy gets his ear cut off to the song “Stuck In The Middle With You”.

If you want to read more about the TikTok-able pop rap remix trend “Who I Smoke” is a part of it, VICE has a good piece about it.

An Update On Raven, Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness

Last night, as I was streaming on Pixel Circus’s “One Time On The Internet” Twitch show, I learned about an internet thing I did not know about! A few months ago, Dazed tracked down Raven, from the absolutely incredible YouTube classic, “A Shout Out from Tara and Raven” (embedded above).

You should absolutely read the whole piece, but here are few tidbits:

  • Raven’s real name is Sarah and the whole video was a bit.

  • Sarah now works as a dominatrix.

  • She made a TikTok explaining the whole joke behind the video and she’s aware of the similarities between it and My Immortal.

Matt LeBlanc, Irish Uncle

A screenshot of Matt LeBlanc during the FRIENDS reunion went super viral in Ireland after users realized he looked exactly like their dad. If you’re looking for a good thread of all the best ones, Twitter user @theofluffycat collected a bunch of them. You can click here to check them out.

The Weird Transformation Of The Kitchen Nightmares YouTube Channel

Here’s a weird thing sent to me by Garbage Day Reader Marcus. The Kitchen Nightmares YouTube channel seems to be mixing together normal clips from the show with extremely dank ones. A sampling of some of the recent posts from the channel:

To be clear, these are normal Kitchen Nightmares clips with really really meme-y framings. Even crazier, these videos are way over-performing the normal clips.

A Good Letterboxd Review Of Cruella

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