Years of infighting and chaos

Read to the end for some wonderful art

Welcome to Garbage Weekend. It’s the internet garbage you know and love, but in a format that’s easier to read after you wake up at 6 AM because you’re still incredibly jetlagged somehow.

(Honestly, I’d make this face too if a tiktoker tried to speak to me.)

This week, the Justice Department is suing Adobe for its predatory subscriptions. Get wrecked lol. In much less helpful governmental news, the Surgeon General thinks social media should have a warning label. Here’s a good overview of why that’s dumb, but if it does happen, maybe the smoker’s lung picture should be Drake after Kendrick Lamar’s “haters ball” concert. Oh, also, in case you missed it, everyone (i.e. the people still on X) thought Noam Chomsky was dead for a few hours, in the latest case of no one paying attention to what he says. If you like complete bullshit passing itself off as news, then you should be hyped about Perplexity’s AI news summaries!

Oh well, here’s some fun stuff…

Garbage Day’s first-ever West Coast event is finally happening! It’s at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco on July 12th. The show will also feature some very exciting guests, including visual artist Danielle Baskin, Platformer's Casey Newton, V-Tuber Shindigs, and The Onion's Stan Kelly.

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