Sitemap - 2021 - Garbage Day

Things will be faster now

Michael Hobbes on how all of American politics is just the War On Christmas now

This subject line is the optimal length

It's all kicking off on train TikTok

Axie Infinite Jest

Meet @extaltiora, the author of the 11,000-tweet Tumblr screenshot thread

This content has been algorithmically optimized

Gen Z probably doesn't care about Madonna's Instagram

The truth behind Finland's "catgirl" prime minster

Meet MsKingBean89, the author of AO3's most popular fanfic

Our sneakerhead future

Babies are expensive

A journey into the ravaging vortex of Tumblr drama

The True Story Behind Tumblr's Most Infamous Kickstarter

My Roblox landlord wears Gucci

Social live audio isn't actually social

Where is all the erotic "Succession" fan fiction?

Meet Sarah Z, YouTube's preeminent Tumblr historian

Sometimes live audio apps for rich people...are worse

Multiple marine biologists are telling you it's not a shark

When the traffic firehose is pointed at you

Nat "LeftAtLondon" Puff On TikTok Fame And Life After Vine

I am perfectly calm

Right-clickers vs. the monkey JPG owners

It's all kicking off on Minecraft YouTube (again)

The missing link between MySpace and TikTok

The influencers don't care about us

The hypnotic daze of your For You page

From friends to lovers, from bait to canon

How Avery Monsen Accidentally Went Viral With K-Pop Fans

The internet is leaking

Will the gross food video women join us in the metaverse?

A new world of cronut lines

You Used To Be Able To Read The Whole Internet

We were the unpaid janitors of a bloated tech monopoly

Extremely tedious Twitter discourse

Inside Italy's antivax misinformation crisis

The Myspace Top 8 is destroying society

This email is not a "Silent Hill" sequel

Pawsome Animal Stories

Meet Nicole Carpenter, the internet's best Neopets reporter

The Neopets uprising has begun

The puncher of West 4th Street

I'm being gaslit by the TikTok Lamborghini

r/PrequelMemes and the nostalgic meme language of Gen Z

$8000 non-fungible fetish art

The nostalgia onion

Inside the utterly bizarre analytics of Ozy

Meet Mike Benner, the guy behind the Worst Tweet Ever Championship

TikTok world vs the real world

Everything eventually becomes message board drama

The branded content ouroboros

I interviewed a guy who is almost definitely lying about inventing the "Chad" meme

The final September 21st

To the algorithm, we're all just content

75 really good links

Meet DinoTendies, the infamous chef of 4chan

Selling custom Furbies on Tumblr

Music. Nature. Connection.

An internet of Pokémon cards

Meet Brennan Williams, WWE wrestler and VTuber

Oh no, your pyramid scheme is on strike

The Batman of COVID TikTok

Making algorithmic dog food for the content factory

Meet the Brazilian streamers striking against Twitch

"Donda" only exists in the metaverse

The monkey’s paw curse of recycling intellectual property

The internet is for porn

Facebook's metaverse will never be weird enough to work

Everyone's fighting about a dating simulator again

There would be no screen — only a locomotive

Welcome to algorithmic rush week, bestie

The band glass beach on memes, the creator economy, and online sincerity

All websites are just digital movie theaters now

Shining a spotlight into the void

Never let anyone on Twitter know anything about you

Substack CEO Chris Best wants to fix the viral internet

Digimon vs wokeness

The internet's darkest story gets even darker

DashCon was created by a 15-year-old girl

Meet Lochlan O'Neil, the creator of DashCon

Taking out a student loan to learn to tweet like Taco Bell

Trapped forever in the "Fortnite" mall

The NSFW content time bomb is ticking

The gig economy has come for your Tumblr blog

In the court of the Dogspotting triumvirate

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A year of garbage

Meet the director of Crackhead Barney & Friends

A Unified Theory Of Online Anger

Your school's anime club gets thrown out of CPAC

I'm not locked in Twitter with you. You're locked in Twitter with me.

The post-otherkin identity play of TikTok

Stay logged off, read this tomorrow

A Republican social network filled up with hentai again

Here's how you copyright a TikTok dance

The UK tabloid to American conservative outrage pipeline

Introducing...QAnon 2.0

All Vine dogs go to heaven

Steven Crowder can't handle a debate

The haunted Chuck E. Cheese video game guy canceled himself

Is Charlie Kirk's face normal, shrunken, or enlarged?

Fandom Reporter Stitch On The Racism Of The "Star Wars" Reylo Shippers

Our local Facebook page nightmare world

Jobs are broken now and better than ever

Twitter is just one giant ARG now

An Anime Meme Goes Viral On Brazilian TikTok

The Critical Race Theory Discourse Tidal Wave

The Internet has finally come for The Bee Lady

TikTok creator @skatie420 on cringe, internet fame, and why she's taking a break


when the food is straight up bussin

Welcome To Beyblade TikTok

You logged in to the electroshock therapy site

It's All Kicking Off At Adrian's Kickback

The Great Tip Jar In The Cloud

How Brian David Gilbert plans to escape the internet

teen executive finally calls out ecommerce brendan for being sketchy

Cheugy World

Sigma Males, the rarest male type

After over 20 years, we get to see Waluigi's bare HAND

dude you wanna be a car so bad

Finally.... a weapon to surpass Groverhaus

Meet Evan Greer, the activist and musician behind "Spotify Is Surveillance"

From Crab Raver To Crab Champion

The Webkinz Kiwi Apocalypse

My crown has finally been dislodged

Yes, my Lightning McQueen Crocs light up

have I reached another internet checkpoint?

Eating ice cream out of a toilet for clout

Meet Amanda Brennan, The Meme Librarian

Chill Kevin Bacon vibes only today

Claims To Be Tumblr Girl... Deactivates

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A vibrant "flavor" still permeates my mouth

Neil banging out the tunes

🎶 Staring at the blank page before you 🎶

I want to live on AuntKatie's Internet

Today In Tabs' Rusty Foster On The Weirdly Hopeful Hellscape Of Media

It's all kicking off in the fragrance fandom

The carnal pleasure of eating a shower orange

Here’s What Mark Cuban’s New Audio App Is Pitching To Creators

Hyperinflatation on the Neopets black market


trying to conduct global maritime trade, but I’m dummy thicc

Dinosaur Comics' Ryan North On Making Internet Art And Not Losing Your Mind

A Minecraft YouTuber stan stole grave dirt for a Twitter hex

cheeto shaped like Amogus

No one wins the internet

I totally haven’t forgot how to be a human

Just wiped out Tomato Town

Reject Your Home Owner's Association Grow Corn On Your Front Lawn

Meet @SHL0MS, He Sold An NFT Of A Completely Blank Image For $19,000

starting to think we are acting like crazy people

Did a member of the TikTok commune eat a cat?

Please stop posting about Lola Bunny

yes he drives a jetski

Post Malone is friends with Charizard now

The internet, after all, never forgets

Mastodon's Eugen Rochko Talks Decentralization, Blockchain, And Grifters

eeby deeby

All roads eventually lead to Joe Rogan

Trapped inside the Rick Astley simulation

STOP exploring the Ocean

We live in a society

Please Don't Do That To Pikachu...

Neeraj Agrawal Is Trying To Change The Way We Think About Cryptocurrency

Partyin', partyin' (Yeah) Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)


Obrigado, internet

"I have a personal vendetta against indoor plumbing"

Perfectly Rectangular February

"Me disguising myself as a hedge so that I can get funds"

Who will we be after GameStop?

Reality Now Is Just Different Dril Tweets Combined At Random

Does McDonald's know about My Chemical Romance fanfic?

Happy birthday, Guy Fieri

New President Dropped

The COVID Vaccine Finally Gets A Brazilian Funk Anthem

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The Radicalization Of Giggle Palooza

Meet Tony H, A Moderator For Reddit's r/ChangeMyView

The Happening Is Still Happening

Welcome To Sea Shanty TikTok

the sun is going down and you're getting cold

Welcome to pop punk Domino's

"down so bad im 3rd wheeling an e-couple 🤦‍♂️"

A Brand New Year Of Garbage