Sitemap - 2022 - Garbage Day

Sorry for all the "Rick & Morty" references in this

The Discord Wrote A Garbage Day Issue

It is nice that people are sharing websites again

Jacked directly into the feed

A flatworm with a rocket company

An endless world of boring robo art

There should be more weirdos in New York

I have been shadowbanned by the libs

A.I. just makes the old problems worse

The Big 2022 Garbage Report

New adult daycare video dropped

Cool? Kind of, yeah. Upsetting? Also kind of, yeah.

The gravitational pull of Twitter drama

Please don't cyberbully the rich

Oh look, it’s the consequences of your actions

All eyes on Tumblr

Two years of Discord

All news is good news in an attention economy

In need of a good digital walkabout

It's ok to feel sad about Twitter

A power grid for the whole world

One giant slow-motion fail whale

A millennial polycule spent all your crypto

The TikTok slot machine

Social media is just a thing that happens

Elon Musk is more Funko Pop than man

Whatever comes next won't be the same

A mildly deranged amount of work

The great unbundling is already happening

How do we find each other again?

Real “high school was the best years of my life” energy

All online media eventually becomes Homestuck

Someday soon, you will tweet for the last time

Mutants in the wasteland of Twitter

The hierarchy of power has finally changed

“Acceptable” norms of consumption

A financially literate man’s version of Nobu

A big confusing game of internet telephone

Ryan Gosling's Spooky Indie Album

Rubbed smooth of the subcultural texture

Finally, a conference call with legs

The dumpy frog was enlarged

The Dr. Livesey Phonk Walk

Big “this might as well happen” energy

Rich guys writing weird Elon Musk fanfic

Oh cool, we're talking about anonymity again

Ed Sheeran finally fought Mewtwo

We have too many Main Characters now

The podcasting world seems real tired

Mortified liberal millennial exasperation

It all began on the Bridge Nine message board

Don’t make me tap the sign again…

No one is actually boiling chicken in NyQuil

Websites are just places to talk about TikTok

The Merge has finally merged

Our brave new venture-funded brand culture

We gotta keep pushing the losers back

A megacorporation’s quest for all-powerful IP

The furries declare war on A.I.

Tumblr had a real big day yesterday

The most info-poisoned parts of the internet

A website is a street corner

The consensus is that it's going to morb

On the concept of being part of a scene

It's all about the lore now

Bracing for impact

GARBAGE WEEKEND: Charge up your chakras

The cognitohazard of Harry Styles’ painted nails!!!

Faster, dumber, weirder

Men too weird to just read Barstool Sports

A typhoon named “Pelosi”

The khaki pants and lanyard crowd see a meme

It's been one week

Even if TikTokstagram works, it won't

The hustle zombies have broken the perimeter

TikTok won

Liberatory transformativeness

Pathologically boring men (and girlbosses)

A sorta-kinda bombshell

"A path to scarcity and amnesia"

Building a new Titanic on the deck of the old one

“American carnage” with a Japanese dub

The twin vortexes of Book Twitter and BookTok

Staring and pointing

The 2017 Rick & Morty Szechuan sauce incident

Fan fiction doesn't have to be a punchline

Manhattan is a playground for TikTok

The "Political Leviathans" of Web3

Cars go fast

Sold your turntables and bought ape JPGs

"No politics"

NFT scammers are hijacking verified Twitter accounts

Twitter invented a Clippy for cyberbullying

Hyperlocal journalism came true, but in the bad way

"Hamlet' is actually about doomscrolling

"Anti-crypto media personality"

The "Shrek"/"Bee Movie" Dichotomy

You don't need a house in the metaverse

"The buzzsaw of fandom"

Happy Memorbial Day

Every generation gets the Dimes Square they deserve

A Superwholock for every news cycle

Bitcoin isn't populist

Thousands of dollars for hundreds of shares

Facebook's current state of decomposition

You can't always blame algorithms

A great gross soup of conspiratorial outrage

Everything is automated and also terrible

No ads, no games, no gimmicks, no money

Turning nothing into something

The furry days are over

Monkey JPG real estate

The bad man pipeline is confusing

Some people need to lighten up. It’s Twitter!

All the bad people found each other online

Internet fame is a black hole

This AI will tell you if you're being a jerk

We can all agree the internet could be better

No one wants to watch your ape show

CNN+ is worth 0.143 of a Quibi

Twitter executives finally met the average user

How do we stop the internet from decaying?

I think Twitter thinks we like using it 😕

Welcome To The Summer Of Morbius

Peak Content is an entropic force

The Medici Family of Social Media

It's just Oscars takes all the way down

What we need for an indie sleaze revival

I have seen the future and it's Beat Saber

Web3 is the friends you made along the way

Don’t flaunt your apes

"A younger, fandom-driven nationalism"

A new reason to talk about live audio

Behold the Reverse Idiot Funnel

A Sri Lankan content farm ran the most viewed US Facebook page

Weaponized flashmobs

Inside the CBD gummy industrial complex

A Curious Facebook Mystery

The bird site demands content

Everything will be all the time and everywhere

Poster's neurosis

The internet is Tokyo

Web3 Is A Mid-Life Crisis

No one cares about your redesign

Stop trying to make convoys happen

Kazaa will have its revenge in the end

Boomers are weird and obsessive posters

The relatable brand voice attack dog

The end of the metaverse hopefully

Ah! The cognitive dissonance, it hurts!

Spotify is Joe Rogan's publisher

Let's funge some pics

It's always magicians

The attention economy is a war zone

The witch hunt machine

Zoombombing The Italian Senate

The anime "Dune" DAO learns about copyright

Viral content optimized to piss off old people

The perpetrators of fraudulent K-Pop activity

Libertarian kryptonite

NFT drama has finally hit Tumblr

My jpegs are at zero risk of being stolen