Sitemap - 2023 - Garbage Day

The metaverse is cooked

Click for frogs

The king of brand safe nothingness

The GOP girlies are fighting

"Humanity’s digital public square”

Metaversal dissonance

Make an account, upload a cool video, and leave

On the internet, you can, in some sense, live forever

The AI demands more habanero salsa

"Free speech” for sale

I like everything about culture

"The Good Doctor" Growth Hack

Time for some Gen X boomerposting


Half-dead feeds and a general stagnation

I love my framed Minion

Unions are our only defense against the robots

Not entertaining. Not engrossing. But fun.

Trapped in the Bluesky hellthread forever

A normal day on Twitter in 2019

Here’s Will Smith eating spaghetti

The business genius has another excellent idea

Deeply depressing or sorta freeing

"You’re welcome namaste 🙏"

Two sides of the same coin

Very slow and very ugly but I still love it

Avenged Sevenfold is launching their own blockchain

A virtual mall with infinite storefronts

Lifehack your water

On bait

Spooky internet mystery alert!

There's always some idiot ruining your favorite website

Nostalgia curdles

An impressive way to make everything worse

The four kinds of Twitter users

Kayfabe content and podcasts that don't exist

Managing the cringe

Pope in a coat

The fake podcast TikTok psyop

The desperate collective Id of late-stage Big Tech

Generative AI is just productivity software

You can't have a proper insurrection without normies

Every generation gets the Clippy they deserve

The last place left you can go viral

The “can my parents use this thing right now” test

Peeling back the Meghan Trainor cultural onion

We don’t know how bad this is going to be

An infinite amount of monkeys at typewriters

New thing to be outraged over dropped

Deepfakes aren't as good as you think (yet)

For the love of god, leave Pedro Pascal alone

The most unwell teenagers to ever use the internet

A moment of uncanny valley befuddlement

I remembered how awful it is to go viral

Adding chalk to your milk

Paying to read the graffiti on a bathroom stall

Fandom is fun!!!!

AI can't have a "woke mind virus" — it doesn't have a mind

Stop trying to make a hammer into a screwdriver

An infinite dream machine

The internet broke it

Please don't trust Twitter with your credit card info

"Among Us" briefly violated the Geneva Convention

Imagining The QAnon Of The AI Era

I hope I’m wrong!

*Elon Musk voice* Concerning

A knolled minion

Sisyphus Got That Dawg In Him

An investment in future virality

I can finally admit I don't know what Figma is

The growing desolation of the bird site

Measuring the cultural weirdness of "Avatar"

Rinse, wash, like and subscribe, repeat

Dumb and shameful until it's not

It's Shakira's internet now

The fragments of media you consume

Twitter is about 12 hours slower than Reddit

The "Scooby Doo" psyop

Will Mr. Free Speech actually do anything?

This is fine

The doomscrolling is the point

On the cutting edge of insurrectionist terrorism

Just take the leap. It’s time.

MrBeast Went To Antarctica

The A.I. has learned how to tell you a celebrity's net worth