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Reject Your Home Owner's Association Grow Corn On Your Front Lawn

Read to the end for my favorite TikTok of all time

It’s finally warm out. More and more people are getting really good news about loved ones getting vaccinated. It is scary to think that things could be good again, but I’m going to roll into that optimism. Today’s Garbage Day is going to be just a bunch of fun stuff. As always, if you’re interested in supporting the newsletter, hit the button below. You’ll get cool extra issues and access to the Discord!

One Last NFT Thing For A While

With yesterday’s Extra Garbage Day, I feel like I came to a nice finish on a series I’ve been working on about blockchain. Starting with the GameStop pump, I’ve been trying to explore what blockchain’s role might be in decentralizing the social web. I’m skeptical about blockchain technology, but I’m also optimistic about it. And I wanted to push myself to really try and get a good sense of what this stuff could actually mean for the internet.

  • Part 1 - I wrote about my own journey with Bitcoin in 2011 and what the internet was doing to our financial systems.

  • Part 2 - I interviewed Neeraj Agrawal, the director of communications for Coin Center, one of the bigger crypto think tank in the country. Agrawal argued that blockchain can and will change the way we think about money and we need to start teaching regulators and lawmakers how it works.

  • Part 3 - Then I interviewed Eugen Rochko, the founder of Mastodon, about decentralizing social media is crucial and why he thinks blockchain is basically a scam. He warned that we should be weary about huge tech platforms trying to decentralize themselves.

  • Part 4 - And, finally, yesterday, I interviewed @SHL0MS, a Twitter user who minted an NFT of a completely blank image and sold it for $19,000 USD.

I feel like I had seen all there was to be seen in the crypto world and then someone sent me this yesterday:

It’s a website called Waifu Token where you can “farm, stake, and trade” NFTs of anime girls. It uses a crypto token called WAIF tokens which can be converted into HAREM tokens, which are the anime girls.

I tried to see how much these anime girls were selling for, but I couldn’t get the marketplace to load correctly. Honestly, I’m ok not knowing. Maybe it is we who are not ready for blockchain.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Answers A Question About Farts

Maybe Twitter Spaces is good???

The Story Behind The Guy Fieri ARG

Finally someone put everything there is to know about the Guy Fieri Tumblr ARG in one place. Thank goodness. I tried to go through it all, but I really could not make heads or tails of it. I did hear rumors of a Guy Fieri ARG Discord, but I never got an invite. Sad!

Anyways, this video is great. Guy Fieri is in a romantic relationship with the green M&M version of Dr Phil and it’s vaguely related to the musical Hades Town. Makes sense to me.

Ohio Joins The Resistance

Sadly, this excellent tweet is fake. It comes from a 2019 post by the Portsmouth Ohio Official Facebook page. The page is one of those local satire/meme pages for the town of Portsmouth, Ohio. So, unfortunately, the Ohio police are not currently looking for this dude, but that doesn’t make the tweets about this any less funny.

Corpse Husband Collabs With Machine Gun Kelly

If you haven’t been following the TikTok-ification of music that’s been ramping up over the last six months, allow me to point you to this great piece about it that I wrote for the fine folks over at Polygon. The TL;DR is that Machine Gun Kelly and Corpse Husband are two of the biggest things in Gen Z music right now. Up until today, they felt like they were on very different ends of the spectrum.

Machine Gun Kelly is a former rapper who does light and breezy pop punk with Travis Barker and Corpse Husband is a true crime YouTuber who does Mindless Self Indulgence-style industrial trap music about killing people. Listening to their new song together, “DAYWALKER!,” is a really weird experience because if you were strip it down to its bare essentials, it’s basically just a Death Grips song? It’s barely two minutes long and doesn’t really have a chorus, but it’s already racked up half a million views today.

Corpse said that a music video should be dropping at some point today. The question is — will we actually see him in it? So far, no one has seen his face before. Interested to see what happens here.

A Good Meme

Another Really Really Really Good Cooking Video

This was sent to me by Hillary on Twitter. Some important details. The description of this video is just the word “cooking”. The video was uploaded to a channel called KAYS COOKING in 2016. She has over 100,000 subscribers, but, unfortunately, she hasn’t posted anything in a few years. Judging from the comment section, a bunch of edgelords from the LadBible demographic found her videos and started posting mean comments, but I love this video and she has a great sense of humor about herself. She has a whole series of “piss take” videos where she teaches you how to make things like a “class of cola with ice cubes”.

A TikTok Husband Builds A Video Store

I love this guy! He built a video store in his basement. His wife hasn’t done a ton of videos about it, but he seems like a really cool dude. In the most recent video he’s even wearing a “birds aren’t real” shirt.

The story is that their local video store went out of business during the pandemic (amazing it lasted that long) and this guy bought a bunch of its shelving and videos. The basement video store even has a viewing room with recliners and old video games.

I’m not sure how young the youngest Garbage Day readers are, but it’s kind of wild to think about the fact that consuming media used to require human interaction. As a kid, I used to go to my local video store basically every week to rent the same VHS tape — the 1986 Transformers movie. I ended up renting it so many times one day the owner just gave me a “pirated” copy and told my mom he didn’t feel comfortable letting me continue to pay him to rent it. I still have the VHS. You would go into a geographical location and rent physical media and talk to other humans before going home and watching the thing you wanted to watch. It’s one of those regular experiences that just vanished one day and no one really thought about it, but it makes me wonder if we lost something in the process.

A Truly Incredible Piece Of Drone Footage

Every time you think this video can’t get crazier, it gets crazier. Definitely watch this until the end.

If You Click The Link Below You Will See Goatse

There’s a meme right now where people are using AI to make photographs look as though they’re singing.

It uses an app called wombo.ai. The AI recognizes faces, but it also seems to work with literally photo that looks like a mouth.

And it seems like someone realized that Goatse looks enough like a mouth that it would work too. And more than a few Garbage Day readers have sent me the singing Goatse. Thank guys! Here is a link to it. It is VERY NSFW!! If you click this you will see Goatse, alright? Do not get mad at me about it:

P.S. here’s my favorite TikTok of all time. I was searching forever the original and my buddy Brian was able to find it.

***Any typos in this email are on purpose actually***

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